Living Your Brand Story

Living Your Brand Story

Crafting and recognizing the need to have a brand story is great, but it isn’t enough. You have to go out and live that story. You have to allow it to guide everything you do as a company and you have to get your employees to buy into that story.

It can get a little complicated, so we’re breaking down the three most important ways for you to live out your brand story:

1. Brand Story And Company Values

All great stories have a beginning and your brand story begins with the company’s values.

Your company’s values are your “once upon a time,” if you will. For well-established companies, your values have probably been guiding everything you’ve done for years. Younger companies might still be trying to figure those values out, but either way values boil down to: this is why we do what we do.

Your values are your “why.” And they are the most important aspect of your brand and your brand story. Your “why” isn’t just the starting point of your company values, it’s the thing that your audience first connected with and continues to connect with. Your “why” is what keeps them coming back and compels them to spread your story.

2. Brand Story and Customer Interactions

It’s impossible to know where a customer’s journey definitively begins. Why? Their journey most likely begins long before they visit your website. Maybe their friend told them about your products two years ago. Maybe one of your employees married their best friend two weeks ago. The point is, your interactions with your customer should always point towards your brand story.

In today’s digital-fueled world, every interaction with a customer should be the most crucial interaction. Your customers want to be part of your story, so you have to live that story out in the way you speak to them on the phone, the emails you send, and even your sales calls. It all points back to your “why.”

3. Brand Story And Marketing Messages

When it comes to your marketing messages your brand’s story has to be a huge focus. Everything you send out needs to be part of the story. A tweet, a Facebook post, and Instagram pic can all add something to who you are and what you represent.

But what’s more is this is when you can grow your story. How? Invite your customers and potential customers to be part of your story through their own posts, sharing your messages, and simply spreading your story. If your story is compelling enough, you won’t need to ask your followers to share it. They’ll share it because they can’t resist sharing it.

More on brand storytelling to come.

When it comes to sharing your brand’s story, there’s a lot to understand and learn. We understand it’s a complicated marketing technique, but we also can’t undervalue it. So, to further help, we’ll be launching a three-part series in late December that dives into further details and gives some world-class examples.

In the meantime, if you want to connect with our team and talk about how we can help you craft and live your brand storylet’s talk!

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