The Value Of Your Brand Story

Posted by Leisha Jenkins on January 24, 2017

The Value Of Your Brand Story

Imagine a wall of store-brand cereals. Unless you’re an experienced bargain shopper or have a photographic memory, I’m guessing you don’t know the names of many knock-off cereal brands. Typically, these brands emulate the packaging of a well-known brand. They might even use the same character or phrasing, but they are called ‘generic’ for a reason. They don’t have their own identity, they don’t evoke any feeling (except maybe the joy of saving a few bucks) and you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell them with a logo.

These are price-driven purchase decisions, and buyers couldn’t care less if they had the same generic cereal the next time they went to the store or if it was replaced by something similar. The point I am trying to make is that you don’t want to be forgettable, and there’s no reason you should be. As we’ve discussed in the previous blogs, creating your brand story takes some self-reflection and compelling writing, once you have those locked in, prepare to reap the rewards of all your hard work and to truly see the value of brand storytelling.

The value of brand storytelling:


Are you a big fan of the floor mats in your car? Probably not. Do you go wild for the shower curtain liner in your bathroom? I wouldn’t assume so. Yes, these seem like mundane items that people shouldn’t care about, but that’s mostly because there’s no one out there leading the pack in brand storytelling in those sectors. But this doesn’t apply to all mundane products. Think back to our example in the first blog, Burt’s Bees. Typically, people don’t think too hard about their chapstick. You pick one up at the gas station and lose it before the week is over. But because of the brand story, connection, and emotional appeal, people think of Burt’s Bees in a different category from other types of chapstick.

Another good example is Toms shoes. Typically shoes are purchased because they’re fashionable, comfortable, or well-priced. Toms Shoes created a brand story that resonated with people and took the idea of buying shoes for yourself and transformed it into buying shoes for others and contributing to a greater cause.

Toms brand story is all about giving back.

These brand stories go far in creating fan-bases so dedicated to the brand, they support the mission as much, if not more, than the product. These brand stories are fundamental to the success of the brand. Without the story or mission behind Toms do you think canvas shoes would be flying off the shelves? Probably not.

Return Customers

We are creatures of habit. One we found something we like, and have a connection with, the less likely we are to go out looking for alternatives. Brand stories help bring customers into something bigger than themselves, bigger than the product, and bigger than what you’re selling. This emotional connection keeps people coming back, purchase after purchase.

Word Of Mouth

People trust other people more than they trust what your brand has to say. You could write all day and night on social media or your website about how great you think you are and why people should want your product, but it doesn’t hold nearly as much weight as hearing it from someone else. In the age of online reviews and comparison shopping, your best advocates are your customers. With customer brand ambassadors, you reach more people in a more authentic way. How do you get these brand ambassadors? Tell your story well and provide a good product or service.

Brand storytelling: marketing gibberish?

Brand storytelling might sound like marketing gibberish, but it is an important part of the success and strength of your brand. Anyone can list benefits or cost savings, but the truest way to connect with people and get them as passionate about your brand as you are, is to tell them why. Let them be a part of your story and share what makes you unique. If you need help getting started, we’re happy to help.

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