Web Design: 50 Milliseconds of Profit or Loss

Web Design: 50 Milliseconds of Profit or Loss

Website DesignIn a recent study, Google determined that people make judgement of a web site’s credibility and usability within 50 milliseconds of viewing the page.  This judgement of website design then would likely affect the viewers opinion of the brand, the company itself, and possibly even the products!

Scary, right?  All the time you put into building your own website or designing your own company logo is subject to a mere 50 milliseconds of criticism that could help determine whether they will call you or go back to the search results and find one of your competitors.  It seems unfair.  It can also be an invigorating challenge!

As a strategic marketing firm that specializes in web design and logo design in Indianapolis, Iconic Digital Agency is always aware of the role image and judgement plays in the decision to buy.  In order to increase sales for our clients, our one true goal, image creation and branding become critical factors in helping our clients convert web traffic into customers.  The hours of strategy, design, and revisions of logo creation and branding are all efforts to communicate effectively (and extremely quickly) a value proposition.

What judgement could be made of a brand with a mere glimpse?  Conceivably, quite a bit.

  • Price – does the image instill a sense of luxury or a sense of “bargain basement” pricing?
  • Quality – a company that is concerned about its image is likely concerned about its products – crazy right?  Are the images blurry and nondescript or are they crisp and on-point
  • Service – is the site’s usability well thought out?  Does the site communicate a “customer first” approach, or is the site “all about the company”?
Knowing this, what design factors can be used to better address the 50 millisecond judgement?
  • Color Selection – each color has a unique societal meaning.  It’s not as simple as picking your favorite colors to design logos for your company.  Inadvertently, you may be turning off your consumers.
  • Shape Selection – obtuse shapes or sharp edges (like diamonds or triangles) tend to be passed over be the human eye because they are not pleasing.  This is an involuntary response.  Rounded edges, circles, etc. are typically considered more acceptable (generally) in today’s logo design as the result of trends in society
  • Usability of the website – is there a clear Call to Action above the fold of the site?  Can I get pertinent information about the company quickly WITHOUT scrolling?  Does the site have the design factors that I expect to see for this type of service?
  • Imagery – What does the image say?  Is it well thought out?  Pictures are worth a thousand words, remember?  Do I have to read or can I quickly discern pertinent info from the imagery – I don’t have a lot of time as a consumer in today’s world with numerous choices!
What the study teaches us more than anything, is that it is not okay to “just have a web page”.  If you are serious, as a business owner, about using the web to build leads, get the phone to ring, or sell products, it is important that you make an effort to embrace the 50 millisecond rule.  Realize that this is the world your consumers live in and take care in design aspects of your branding.  Iconic can help.  We work with small to medium size businesses every day for logo design, web design, and print design.  Need help?  Here’s your solution.
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