4 Ways To Make Your Logo Design Pop

4 Ways To Make Your Logo Design Pop

Logo DesignYou’ve got a logo design you love, but you just aren’t sure why it isn’t getting noticed. Believe it or not, it’s not hocus pocus.  There is a science behind being visible. Now that it is the New Year, maybe it’s time to start thinking about some ways you can get your logo design to really pop.

Are you ready to take your logo design to the next level?

Here are some ways you can really start to make your logo design stand out in a crowd.

1. Revise your logo design.

Notice we did not say redesign. If you feel you already have brand recognition in the community, a revision may be a better plan than a redesign. By updating your look, you can get noticed by new customers, while still have brand recognition with existing customers.

2. Make a color change.

Maybe your logo design stays exactly the same, but your colors change. This is a good way to get fresh eyes on your logo design without changing the major framework of your logo. That said, think carefully before you change your colors arbitrarily. There is a science behind color selection, so you want to get the colors right. Also, once you change your colors, you will want to update your branding guidelines and logo files so you have the tools you need moving forward.

3. Switch up the tagline.

Believe it or not, switching a tagline is not a branding problem… unless you do it every other day. By changing up your tagline, you have the opportunity to convey new offerings or clarify existing products/services. You will want to start using the tagline in combination with your logo to strengthen you brand’s overall messaging.

4. Think up a new marketing strategy.

Maybe you don’t need to make one single change to your logo design in order to get it to pop… maybe all you need is a new marketing strategy. In other words, it could be time to find new ways to get your logo in front of your customers.

If you are thinking it’s time to freshen up your logo design or your marketing strategy,  maybe we can sit down and chat. Iconic Digital can help you find new ways to make your logo design really make some impressions in 2015. Happy New Year, everyone!

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Carolyn Byard