Branding: The Right Design Can Accelerate Your Business

Branding: The Right Design Can Accelerate Your Business

Your branding and marketing collateral needs to be planned carefully to hit your target audience and accelerate your brand.

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Your marketing collateral has the potential to create hundreds, if not thousands, of first impressions every day. From your website to your business card all the way to your tradeshow displays. Branding plays a huge role in how successful you can scale and grow your business.

There are, essentially, 3 different ways your brand (and the right design) can accelerate your business and really drive your business where you want to get it.

1. Your Logo

The first thing most people will recognize as being your brand is your logo. It’s usually your first impression and always one of your most important brand elements.

Your logo should be easily understood. Meaning, if people see your logo and say, “what is it?,” then it isn’t being effective at communicating your brand.

What you need is a beautiful logo that helps tell your brand’s story. It isn’t enough to have a designer slap a few lines running through a circle. It may look cool, but it doesn’t mean anything.

With the right logo, you can communicate what your brand is all about, generate awareness, and create a strong first impression.

2. Your Website

Your website looks beautiful, but is it functional?

First, let’s talk about what we mean by functional:

Your website needs to be both beautiful and functional.Functional doesn’t just mean that the pages load or that videos play. It means that your website works for you by generating leads and attracting the right web traffic.

Your website has the most potential to accelerate your business through branding and design.

When it comes to branding your website, you need your logo, tagline, images, and headlines that all help tell your brand’s story. When these pieces all work together, you can move your target audience to the pages you want them to be on. Ultimately moving them to contact form pages that collect information in exchange for some sort of top level offer.

Aside from collecting visitors’ information to generate leads, your site should also be attracting the right traffic. When it does that, you can fill your sales funnel and improve your marketing and branding efforts.

With the right traffic and the right leads generated from your website design, your business will be able to grow into the business that you want it to be.

3. Your Collateral

Marketing collateral like your business card, sales slicks, presentations, advertisements, letterhead, envelopes, and product packaging should all work together to lift your branding up.

As part of your branding, you need to make sure you have the right marketing collateral.

Each piece of marketing collateral you send out into the world works as a brand ambassador delivering your message and telling your story. If these pieces aren’t consistent or coherent, then they probably aren’t delivering the right message.

Branding isn’t just about developing a cool looking logo or a high performing website. It’s about telling your business’s story, which isn’t limited to a few marketing tools. Your branding spans across your entire business. From the business cards you hand out at the end of a meeting to the banners you have in your booth at a trade fair, your marketing collateral tells a story.

You need to make sure it’s the right story. If it isn’t, then you could be hurting your business.

But, if your marketing collateral is telling the right story, you’ll notice that your business is moving forward. You’ll see an interest from your target market and you’ll be able to position yourself for growth.

How to know if your branding is working:

Unless you’re a marketing expert, it can be difficult to know if your branding is working for you or not. Your logo may look great to you, but if it doesn’t look great to your target market, then is it really the right logo for you?

If your website isn’t generating leads or attracting the right traffic, is it really as beautiful and amazing of a website as you thought?

If you hand out business card after business card, but never get a single phone call, then are they really doing their job effectively?
You could be in need of a brand refresh. Sometimes, branding just gets a little stale. From outdated web practices to out of touch messaging, branding needs a facelift on occasion.

When you decide you need a brand refresh, make sure you have the right strategic design partner to help you make your logo, website, and marketing collateral accelerate your brand forward.

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