Build Affordable, Effective Advertising Campaigns

Build Affordable, Effective Advertising Campaigns

Build Affordable Effective advertising campaignsEffective advertising campaigns are key to getting your business off the ground. When most people think of advertising, they seem to think of ads in magazines. In reality, modern advertising has changed a great deal, but the goal is still the same… When a customer has a need, you want your business to magically appear in their minds.

Except it isn’t magic. It’s effective, targeted advertising. We found this video about subliminal messages in advertising.  The problem with the video is that even though it’s called “Subliminal Advertising”… it isn’t! What you are seeing here is actually advertising that is strategically targeted… take a look.

There is nothing about a poster, t-shirts, sidewalk chalkboards, window displays, etc. that are subliminal. In fact, each of these things are something you expect to see in your typical advertising campaigns. Take a minute and marvel at how Derren compiled these elements to lead his customers (the ad men) to a particular conclusion (their branding for Animal Heaven).

Apply this knowledge to create your own effective advertising campaigns.

Notice… none of these “marketing efforts” would be particularly expensive. When it comes to developing a marketing plan for your small business, you don’t need to spend a zillion dollars. You just need to spend a few dollars in the right places. On average, a customer will see a business’s logo or hear their name seven times before they remember it. Target your advertising and you will be leading your potential customers to their own conclusion.

Now imagine the possibilities when you put this concept to the test in the place where the average American spends more than one hour each day… the internet. With technology at your fingertips, the possibilities for your new, more effective advertising campaigns are endless. Just be sure you aren’t screaming in your customers’ faces. You want your message to get seen and remembered, but you don’t need to bully them. Notice how in the video, the messages Derren sent were more of a gentle guide. If he had taped his concept work to the back seat of the taxi… the video would have ended differently.

Do you have ideas about how to get your brand out there for customers to see and (eventually) remember? We’d love to hear them!


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