Get Your Voice Right | Small Business Branding

Get Your Voice Right | Small Business Branding

BrandingDo you ever read copy from a business blog and feel like you have to muscle through it just to get the information you need?
Kind of like you might force yourself to eat kale just for the rich nutrients?

While you’re reading these bland yet information rich blogs, you might be thinking the following:

  • Why can’t this be as interesting as the last JK Rowling book I read?
  • Did a robot write this?
  • Do they think I’m a robot?
  • If they think I’m a robot maybe this why it’s so bland and dry and uninteresting.
  • I guess it’s because robots don’t eat food so therefore taste doesn’t matter.
  • But I’m not a robot. I’m a human. I have taste buds. I mean…I like ice-cream.
  • Why can’t they put some ice-creamy flavor goodness in this blog post?
  • Mmmm Ice-cream…

We shouldn’t think that just because we are writing blog posts for our businesses that other business people just want the facts or that business professionals are as straight as their perfectly ironed professional pants and they only carry one emotion in their professional bag…and that’s professionalism.

But look at it this way. You are a professional. You are reading this blog and you probably have a host of other emotions and interests in your bag because…well you’re not a robot.

The fact is that most people begin their shopping experience online. Most likely, the first contact they will have with your business is through your website and your web content. By creating personable, easy to read and interesting copy you are in essence giving them a warm welcome to experience what you have to offer.

When someone comes to visit your home, don’t offer them kale, offer them some homemade warm cookies…and maybe even some ice-cream.

They will look forward to visiting with you again.

And so will your blog readers.

Stay tuned for the next part in the how to find your voice series…plus a really great recipe to make kale taste good.

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