Branding 101 – Iconic Digital, Indianapolis Branding Agency

Branding 101 – Iconic Digital, Indianapolis Branding Agency

Small Business Marketing 10As an Indianapolis branding agency, it’s our duty to let businesses know that brands are sneakier than you realize. When most people think of a brand, they are thinking of a logo. And… yeah, there’s that. Let’s make an analogy. Imagine you are on a first date, and you ask the standard first date question. “So, [INSERT NAME HERE], tell me about yourself.” Your date will probably respond with their interests and maybe a little bit about their personality. What they would NOT do is describe their face, right?Your logo is the face of your business. There is so much more to a brand than a logo, however. Your value proposition and how you operate as a company say so much more about your brand than your logo ever will. As an Indianapolis branding agency, we know that when people think of Iconic, they might visualize our logo the same way that when you try to visualize one of your friends, their face will probably come to mind. It’s important to have a great logo yes… but it’s more import  to make your brand work for you

Still, want to learn more? Here are some ways to get started:

Your employees have a huge influence on your brand.

When they are going about their daily work, what is their attitude? What are they saying to friends and family about your business? Have your employees bought into the value that your company has to offer? If they haven’t, you may be in trouble. Your employees could be great salespeople for your business if they truly do care about their work. The best kind of PR is word-of-mouth, and the best kind of word-of-mouth is right from horse’s mouth.

Customer service is key to brand success.

Speaking of word-of-mouth PR, let’s not forget customer service as a big part of the branding picture. Let’s say you are in the market for a good mechanic. Probably, you will ask your friends and family if they have a mechanic that they would recommend. Your dad’s response: “I took my car to Bob’s Tire and Auto, and they really screwed up my car and refused to fix it, so don’t go there.” Your best friend’s response: “I totally love Joe’s Tire and Auto… they are really honest and are priced pretty well. I’ve used them for years and they have always been great.” For a lot of customers, word-of-mouth is all the research they will bother to do because they trust their friends and family more than they will trust your billboard. If someone has something bad to say about your business, chances are, it was a customer service failure. Keep your customers happy and you will probably be able to turn them into advocates for your brand.

Your materials represent your brand.

Your materials and website also affect your brand. How are you presenting yourself? We aren’t just talking about maintaining logo guidelines here… everyone knows that is important. Are your materials engaging? Are they acting as a hook for your target market? Is your website easy to follow? Are you communicating your value proposition to your potential customers? In addition to all of this, remember that your materials (whether they are on paper or online) are a physical presence for your customer. That direct mail piece or that brochure may wind up in their desk. Is your graphic design strong enough that your customer wants to take a closer look?

Need an Indianapolis branding agency to help?

We gotcha covered. We love helping businesses develop their brand. Get in touch with us.

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