inX3: A Brand Story of Inspiration, Innovation, and Investment

inX3: A Brand Story of Inspiration, Innovation, and Investment

When the creators of the inX3 entrepreneurial conference approached Iconic for help they were looking for a logo and branding that would communicate their brand story. Having seen the Fail Fest logo and branding we did for that event, the inX3 team knew we could help them create a brand focused on Indiana inspiration, innovation and investment. Our team, excited about the opportunity, quickly went to work discovering what this brand story was really about.

What is the inX3 event?

inX3 is a huge conference in Indiana where regional, entrepreneurial companies can gather. The goal of the event is to help investors connect with scale-up and investment-ready companies. Through showcase opportunities and pitch events, this is a week-long event designed to bring the entrepreneurial, venture capitalist, and service provider communities together in order to inspire, innovate, and invest.

Branding and a logo that tells a story of inspiration, innovation, and investment.

For this innovation showcase logo, we had to dive into the brand story.

The inX3 branding needed to be sleek. The logo, one of the more crucial brand elements, needed to convey a story of high-tech innovation. After all, the event is focused on scale-up-ready companies in Indiana looking to bring innovation and inspiration to the market. We choose the green in the X because of the venture capitalist side of this event. At the heart of the event is connecting. They’re connecting these entrepreneurs and start-up companies to investors looking to spur the economy on, which is why the X in the logo is made of interlocking lines.The “in” is a simple and elegant way to call attention to the three focuses of the event: INspire, INnovation, INvest. The X3 reiterates the fact that the there are three main focuses for the brand and the event.

Designing a homepage design concept to launch an entire site from.

After our team nailed down a logo that conveyed the story, we wanted to create a homepage that connected with all three audiences while highlighting the benefits of the event. When someone landed on the homepage, we wanted them to understand that this event was about bringing communities together. We wanted them to understand that this was where innovation was starting. Through investments, inX3 could inspire so much for the community of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and the entire region. Glancing at the homepage, visitors get a snapshot of what the event is, who it’s for, and how the event is made possible. We also want to create a homepage design concept that helps pave the way for future collateral and marketing efforts.

We designed the homepage to reflect the purpose of the event.

The homepage helps visitors better understand the brand story

Even the footer maintains the branding and helps visitors find the information they need.

Your brand story is more than a logo. It’s a visual story connecting your audience to your proposition.

If you aren’t sharing your brand story, then you’re missing a crucial piece of marketing. Every single message or interaction with a client or potential client is a chance to build your brand. So, you have to stop and ask yourself, are you building it the right way or is your logo, messaging, and collateral tearing it down?

Download our free branding infographic to learn whether your brand stands out the right way or the wrong way.

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