Learning About Logo Design From Superheroes

Learning About Logo Design From Superheroes

Learning about logo design from superheroesLogo design is something even superheroes can get right… or wrong. Alright, giggle away. We have already embraced the fact that we are nerds here at Iconic Digital Agency.

Still, just because these guys don’t exist in real life (or DO they…?) doesn’t mean we can’t give them props for having great logo design and branding.

Here are some of our favorite superheroes’ logo designs.

Spider-Man – Clear & Consistent Branding

SpideyThere’s no confusing this one. “Hey, I’m a guy that can do a lot of the same stuff a spider can do.” Pretty straightforward and very attractively executed in all of its revivals over the years. The spider has remained largely the same all this time. Your business’s branding really should be like Spider-Man’s. It’s clear, it communicates and it’s consistent. Let’s give Peter Parker the thumbs up on this one. Of all the superheroes, his logo might just be the best. After all… they say he came up with artwork himself.

Batman – A Brand With Meaning

Batman teaches us about brand meaning.Batman’s logo is less obvious than Spiderman’s because Batman’s “value proposition” is a little different. He doesn’t have any super powers, so he found imagery that had intrinsic value for his offering. In the story, Bruce Wayne has a fear of bats, but he harnesses that fear to fight injustice in Gotham City. To Bruce, becoming Batman is representative of dominating your fears. Not a bad model to follow for your business’s branding, by the way. Who are you as a business? What does your offering mean to you and what will it mean to your customers?


Good ones, right? Now here are a few problem areas that our friends at Marvel and DC can stew over…

Superman – A Misunderstood Letter “S”

Superman teaches us about brand identity.The new movie says it perfectly:

Lois Lane: What’s this “S” stand for?

Superman: It’s not an “S”. On my world it means “Hope”.

Lois Lane: Well, here it’s an “S”.

Sure, “S” stands for Superman… but the name Superman came about because he wore an S. You don’t want your company’s name to mistakenly take after your brand right? The lesson: develop a strong strategy for your branding, or your customers might name your business for you. If you allow that to be the case… hope you like what they pick.

Green Lantern – What Is That Logo Design Doing?

Green Lantern teaches us that logo design can fail.Fail. What is that? It looks like one of those pods that Darth Vader flew around in the original Star Wars (again with the nerdiness). Whatever the case, nothing about this says ring of power or beacon of hope. Civilians might have wondered… “So what does this guy do, anyway?” Do you want your business’s logo to confuse people? Ideally, your logo’s imagery should communicate some sort of message about what your business does. Sorry, Green Lantern. Better luck next time.


Which superhero is sporting YOUR favorite logo? Got any thoughts you would like to share? Drop us a line!



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