Logo Design Mistakes For Small Businesses

Logo Design Mistakes For Small Businesses

Small Business Marketing 11There are a lot of logo design mistakes happening in the business world these days. If your logo is unique, you are already doing well for yourself. It’s important to have a logo that is easily identifiable, but let’s not sacrifice function for fashion. There are some key elements to remember when developing your logo.  Here are some of the biggest logo design mistakes small businesses can make.

Your logo is not relevant to what you do… at all.

If the customer can’t have a pretty solid guess as to what you do after three seconds of staring at your logo, you are moving in the wrong direction. Ideally, the imagery and the title of your business will do the trick. We hear a lot of customers say things like, “Well, my customers can’t necessarily tell, but does the Nike logo relate to shoes? Does the Apple logo relate to computers? Does the Dodge logo relate to cars?” Nope. And when your business is making billions of dollars, you logo could be a jackalope for all we care. Businesses positioning themselves for international sales will often select a logo that is extremely unique. Small businesses don’t have that same luxury. If you are going to invest in that car wrap with your logo, just be sure three seconds at the stoplight will do the trick. Thinking you may have some logo design mistakes on your hands? Here are our thoughts about when to think about a redesign.

Your logo can’t be seen from far away.

The main culprit: light lines. You might notice that a lot of logos tend to use thick strokes. It isn’t just because designers are obsessed with thick lines. Print out your logo, tape it to the wall and stand back. WAY back. Squint a little bit. Can you still understand your logo from a distance? If you are standing far away and you can still make sense of your logo and recognize it, good work. If your logo has a lot of light lines that disappear at a distance, maybe it’s time to think about some revisions. This also goes for the fonts you use, too. The thicker it is, the more readable it will probably be.

Your logo has no consistency.

If you haven’t developed a set of branding guidelines, you will need to. Lady Gaga is a great example… she’s an iconic person, right? If you saw her walking down the street in her bubble dress, you’d know it was her. But throw her in a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt sans makeup… would you even recognize her? Your brand is the same. Once you have a look, you can’t take it and apply different effects, turn it different colors, etc. Get some rules together for your logo.

Logo design mistakes can be fixed.

There are a lot of logo design mistakes that can be made, but if you address these three issues, you are off to a good start. Want to learn more? We wrote up a free logo design checklist, just for you.

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