Top 4 Logo Fails – Indianapolis Logo Design

Top 4 Logo Fails – Indianapolis Logo Design

Indianapolis logo design failsA solid Indianapolis logo design is a necessity when it comes to taking your product to market. Customers see hundreds upon hundreds of logos a day. Think of all the logo designs you see before you go to work. You get up, you put on your favorite shirt, and you probably catch a glimpse of the logo on the tag. You scan through your breakfast cereal collection, and you see at least five more logos. You probably catch a glimpse of anywhere from 20-100 logos (or even more!) on your way to work between all the cars that you see during your commute as well as stores and businesses you pass on the way…

In short, consumers are inundated with logos every single day, all day long. How on earth will you make your Indianapolis logo design stand out in all this noise?

Remember, if your logo is done well, potential customers are probably familiar with your logo design long before you start selling to them. Here are some signs that your Indianapolis logo design just isn’t cutting the mustard.

1. Your Indianapolis logo design doesn’t match your brand identity.

Your company’s logo design needs to reflect your brand… surprise!  Your logo represents your company, your brand, your mission, your values, and your professionalism. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my logo relevant to my industry?
  • Are my color selections effective?
  • Does it tell my company’s story?
  • When people first see my logo, what do they think our company does?

2. Your logo  design isn’t different.

What makes your Indianapolis logo design stand out? Have you ever seen another logo that looks extremely similar to yours? You will want to be thinking about these things to make sure your Indianapolis logo design stands out in a crowd. If you feel like your logo gets lost in the shuffle, it may be time to get a fresh look.

3. Your branding is inconsistent.

This is a major problem. There is an old marketing adage that says a consumer has to see your messaging seven times before they remember it. That means it takes seven exposures to your logo in order for your brand to stick in a customer’s brain. This is VERY bad news if you have all kinds of logos floating around. Let’s say you’ve rebranded, but you still have your old logos all over everything. This could mean that in a consumer’s mind, you have two separate logos.  In this case, it takes you 14 exposures to be remembered. This is a formula for failure. Your competitors are doing everything they can to be remembered… that means you need to do the same. Stick to your branding guidelines.

4. Your Indianapolis logo design looks dated.

Branding can become a problem if it looks dated. You don’t see cell phone company logos that depict old mobile phones with antennas. There’s a reason that your logo should be timeless… as your business grows and evolves with the times, your logo design could begin to date itself. That means that while your competitors are rushing to keep up with the Joneses, you are behind the times. Remember, if you aren’t keeping up, you are getting left in the dust. You don’t need a logo redesign every five years to stay relevant, but you would do well to make sure that your logo looks and feels timeless. If you do have a timeless logo, you will find that you only need to do tweaks as time goes on.

Need some help with your Indianapolis logo design?

Iconic Digital knows what it takes to make your company’s logo pop. Make the right first impression on your prospective clients and start designing your next logo.

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