Small Business Marketing Lessons From The Stars

Small Business Marketing Lessons From The Stars

How Ron Burgundy Does Marketing

Ron Burgundy Marketing

What does Ron Burgundy have to do with small business marketing? At first glance, probably not too much. Follow along for just a minute.

Ron Burgundy is the cheesy news anchor played by Will Farrell in the movie Anchorman (2004). In an effort to market the upcoming film, Anchorman: The Legend Continues, Will Farrell has been doing a publicity tour… as Ron Burgundy. He has done news broadcasts with local stations, interviews with comedians and journalists and random appearances on the side of the street holding donuts. But it isn’t Will Farrell making these appearances… It’s Ron Burgundy.

In the history of film, no actor has done publicity quite like Ron Burgundy. His appearances are both hilarious and completely done in character. In the world of entertainment marketing, Rob Burgundy is making waves. He is embracing the branding and marketing lessons we try to teach our clients every day.

Small businesses, follow the Ron Burgundy Formula.

  1. Be unique and think outside the box. If the next ten comedy films that were released followed the Ron Burgundy formula, no one would care anymore. Everything gets old eventually. You need to be on the cutting edge, thinking in ways that no one else is thinking. So get your creative cap on!
  2. Always be selling. Each and every time Ron Burgundy is making a television appearance, he is selling the film, even though he has barely mentioned the new film’s title. He is living and breathing his brand. Small business marketing is all about just that.
  3. Brand comes first. Ron has appeared in the same outfit every time. He wears his classic burgundy suit with the perfectly brushed stick-on mustache. He stays in character. He answers questions the way Ron Burgundy would, not the way Will Ferrell would. As a small business, keep your brand at the front of your mind. Keep your brand at the front of your employee’s minds.
  4. Give people marketing that they want. It’s the very essence of inbound marketing brought to life. No one sees Ron Burgundy on the news and changes the channel because they feel like they are watching an ad. They are being entertained. It leaves people hungry for more.

Changing Your Outlook on Small Business Marketing

If you are still advertising in the Yellow Pages, you aren’t thinking like a Ron Burgundy. Turn your small business marketing plan on its head. Imagine new ways to reach new people. Think outside the box that you created for yourself when you wrote your first marketing plan. Be fluid, creative and enthusiastic.

Sound like too much work? We get it. That’s what we are here for.

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