5 Business Books You Need to Read for the New Year

5 Business Books You Need to Read for the New Year

These 5 business books will give you the boost you need in 2017.When it comes to running your business, you’ll do anything to get ahead of the competition. Okay, maybe not anything, but if there were opportunities to get a leg up and leave the competition in the dust, wouldn’t you take it? Some of the best tools and resources are at your fingertips: books. Business books. Strategy books. Marketing books. Books on being an entrepreneur. Books on boosting productivity. Books on increasing sales. You name, there’s probably a great book out that for exactly what you and your business need this year.

While we may not know exactly what you’re looking for or exactly what your business needs, we can recommend a couple of great business books.

1. Quench Your Own Thirst: Business Lessons Learned Over A Beer or Two by Jim Koch.

You may be wondering who Jim Koch is because he’s not a typical business tycoon that’s all over the media. However, if you’re a fan of craft beer, then you probably know exactly who he is: the founder of The Boston Beer Company and brewer of Samuel Adams Boston Lager. In his business book, Koch goes over the story of The Boston Beer Company, how he started out, what he did in the early years, and how he manages his team now. Koch actually gave up a pretty sweet gig to start a brewery when no one thought it would work. Today, The Boston Beer Company is one of the largest and most successful craft brewers in the world.

2. The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber

Thinking about starting your own business? Want to become an entrepreneur, set your own schedule, and build an empire? Then, of all the business books,  you need this one. Michael Gerber walks you through every stage of a start up business. From the early stages of infancy through to the mature stage of owning a business. He’s real about the growing pains businesses go through and breaks down all of the assumptions that often get in the way of owning a successful business.

3. Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times by Donald T. Phillips

When Lincoln took office in 1861, he had a rough road ahead of him. The South seceded from the Union mere days before his swearing in and most of the people in the Union saw him only as a gawky, bumpkin lawyer with no real experience. It’s safe to say that wasn’t who Lincoln turned out to be. The way Lincoln handle so much in only a few short years is still an inspiration to every leader. Now, we can look back at history and learn how to take initiative, never back down, take risks, and the power of requests- all lessons Lincoln still teaches us.

4. Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life by Shakti Gawain

If you played sports as a kid, then you no doubt had a coach who told you to visualize the bat hitting the ball, or the ball going in the goal, net, or endzone. Creative Visualization goes well beyond the sports field, though. It can be applied to almost every aspect of your life. This book isn’t typical of business books, but it is full of meditations and exercises that will help you channel energies, improve your self-esteem, and feel healthier. This is the book that you need to improve your life and experience positive changes.

5. Time Shifting: Creating More Time to Enjoy Your Life by Stephan Rechtschaffen

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably so invested in making your business work that you don’t make time for much of anything else. You’re rushed and always making sure work comes first. Time Shifting is all about refocusing your priorities and your time. In the book, Rechtschaffen teaches that time is subjective, not objective. It’s not about managing your time, but rather getting more accomplished in a shorter period of time, so you’re more productive and less stressed. When that happens, you’ll enjoy life more.

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