5 Reasons to Attend Fail Fest

5 Reasons to Attend Fail Fest

Fail Fest is next week and our team couldn’t be more excited. This event isn’t like other events. We’re goingFail Fest is an Indianapolis event focused on celebrating failures. to get together with other creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators from around central Indiana and celebrate failure. That’s right, celebrate failure. In this honest event, speakers and panel guests talk about the failures they’ve experienced in business and, in some cases, their personal lives that eventually lead to success. We’re excited about Fail Fest 2017 and we want you to be just as excited, so we’ve made a list of 5 reasons you should attend.

Why You Should Attend Fail Fest

1. Learn from other’s failures.

We aren’t here to make fun of each other. We’re here to learn from each other. Fail Fest is a celebration of failure. It’s built on the idea that we can learn something by failing. And, in fact, that’s what you’ll do. There’s an incredible line up of speakers this year. Each of them brings unique experiences (failures included) to the table for you to learn from. Whether it’s crisis management or why you should celebrate results and not ideas, there’s a topic for you at this event. See the full speaker lineup and agenda.

2. Learn from your own failures.

Hearing about others’ failures can be a good learning process, but the bigger point is for you to learn from your own failures. It doesn’t matter if you can directly relate to one of the speakers and their failures or not because there is about a 100% chance you’ve failed at something. This event is designed to help you learn from that failure and use it as inspiration while you’re working on your next project. Success is often born out of failure.

3. Lunch from Nameless Catering.

Burgers. Chicken. Pasta. Wraps. We aren’t entirely sure what Nameless Catering is bringing to this event, but it’ll be amazing. It’s rare to attend an event and not be worried about the quality of food, but we know that Nameless has us covered. (And, fingers crossed that there’s some buffalo chicken tortellini involved because that stuff is the best.)

4. The hosts with the most.

Let’s be honest for a second, an event host and/or moderator can make or break the entire event. Without a great host, you’re not going to be hooked on the sessions. You’re not going to get excited bright and early. Again, this isn’t a fear you should have going into Fail Fest 17. Why? Because Denzil ‘Val’ Crooke and John Weschler are hosting and moderating. These two aren’t on the speakers line up, but they still bring an incredible amount of knowledge to the table.

5. Networking and coffee.

For most of us, we spend our day on the go. A cup of coffee in the morning isn’t enough to keep the creative juices flowing. This year’s Fail Fest features a coffee hour in the afternoon. Before the afternoon breakout sessions, you can get your caffeine fix to keep you focused. Plus, it’s a whole hour which means you can rub elbows with old and new friends. Who knows, you might even find a new business partner as you talk about failures over a complimentary espresso beverage served in your Fail Fest mug (we know this seems like a shameless plug, but we really want one of those mugs).

Are you ready to celebrate failure? Register for the event today!

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