How Can Online Video Help Your Business Grow?

How Can Online Video Help Your Business Grow?

_DSC7742In the recent years online video has made it’s way into become a foundation part of the growth of any business. YouTube is the second most searched site next to google receiving more than 4 billion views per day.  Which means video is pretty important in the eyes of consumers.

So can video benefit your company?

Online Video helps with Conversion

  • Small business profiles with videos get 30% more clicks
  • Online video helps small business get 18% more calls
  • Online video helps small business get 24% more sales

Online Video Helps Your Customers Get to Know and Trust You

48% of consumers say they trust online video marketing.

Who do people buy from? People that they know and trust. Video allows you to talk directly to your prospects and clients in your own voice helping to build a relationship where they can know and trust you.

Use Online Video for Sales Presentations

Video allows you to share important information in an effective way to your customers. You can convey your passion and non verbal communication in a way that text cannot do.

You can infuse your video with creativity as well as unique ways to draw your customer into your proposals. If you have a product that needs to be demonstrated or a room that would benefit from a 360 tour you can do that with video and really bring your prospects into your world.

Use Online Video for Training Purposes

If your business offers training on  a particular product, philosophy or would benefit by training your prospect what better way than to use video.

Many people learn by having things shown to them. But harnessing the visual power of video you can capture an attentive video with high quality visuals that are engaging, clear and rich with information.

Online Video Can Save Time

Let’s face it, we are all busy and getting busier by the second. At the same time the information on the internet is growing faster than we can consume it. If you need to get your business in front of people you need to get their attention, provide value and respect their time,

59% of senior executives rather watch videos than read texts. If you want to get in front of the people that make the decisions about spending money on your product or service video can help you do that.

Online Video Can Help Sell and Spread Ideas

  • Videos are easy to share on social media and easy to consume
  • Videos are easy to watch on mobile devices and therefore easy to share quickly between people
  • Videos incorporate sight and sound into the experience of evoking emotion from your audience
  • Because 70% of the top search listings are videos, the topics are easily searchable
  • 34% of shoppers are more likely to purchase after viewing a video advertisement.
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