Why You Need Defined Company Core Values

Why You Need Defined Company Core Values

Have you ever sat down to define your company core values only to end up staring at a blank page for half an hour? It can Company core values help determine company success.be difficult to boil down what your company is all about into just a few words. These adjectives, for many, may seem elusive. Worried about how a certain word might come across, you scratch it out. Shrugging your shoulders, you put it off for another day, “these can wait.”

But, your core values really can’t wait. They play a huge role in your business:

Core values help define business decisions.

Your company core values are going to help make your business distinctive. These values should define who you are as a business and what you represent. While these values may be “soft” and not actually tangible, they do help determine the decisions you make. For example, if customer service is one of your company values, then you are going to go above and beyond to make customers happy. If one of your values is to stand behind your products, then you’re going to do everything in your power to make a higher quality product. Ultimately, the core values you define for your business need to reflect the type of decisions you plan on making.

Core values educate employees and clients about the company.

Core values dictate your company culture. There’s just no other way to say it. These values need to be lived by every employee in your company. By instilling these values in your employees, you’ll create the culture you want for your business, which will ultimately be reflected in your services and products. Clients will also get a great sense of what your business is about by experiencing your employees living out these values, which could help them make the decision to use your products or services.

Core values are becoming an important element in talent acquisition.

When it comes to growing your business with key, talented employees, your core values will go a long way in attracting the right candidates. More and more, employees are searching for the right fit, not just the right job. Your core values will give these potential employees a glimpse into what your business is all about. From there, they can determine for themselves whether or not they’re a great fit. If they feel like they are and think your company would be a great place to work, then they’ll apply for the job. These core values will also provide you with something to measure potential employees against. Do they match up to your values? Do you think they’ll live the values out in their work lives?

Core values help determine the overall success of a business.

Because of the reasons listed above, your core values, whatever they may be, contribute the success or failure of your business. That might be a little tough to swallow, but let’s think about it. Without making consistent business decisions, will your business be profitable? If your company culture isn’t understood, will your employees be as motivated to be great at their jobs? If your clients don’t know who you are as a business, will they keep purchasing products or services? Finally, if you aren’t attracting new talent, how will you ever keep innovating and growing?

Company values are so much more than words you write down. They are more than just pretty sounding adjectives you hope to live up to. Company core values have to be instilled into everything your company does. They represent who you are and what you do.

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