2 Secret Tricks Help You Prioritize At Work

2 Secret Tricks Help You Prioritize At Work

Prioritize at workWork can be crazy busy. According to Key Organization, on days of extreme pressure, employees are 45% less likely to solve problems or come up with ideas.  Many times, employees feel swamped with to do items, and failure to prioritize can only add to the stress.

A few weeks back, we wrote about some great hacks to improve your efficiency at work. We wanted to follow up and write another post about some additional ideas that can help you improve your workflow… our focus this time is prioritizing.

Here are two ways to prioritize that will hopefully save you both time and energy. Stop juggling and start getting a handle on how to spend your time effectively. 

1. Don’t spend time on people that don’t move your business forward.

Only spend your time with people who will help you or do business with you. It sounds harsh, but if you think about meetings in this light, you will suddenly find that many of your meetings are completely unnecessary. According to themuse.com, the average middle manager spends 35% of their time in unnecessary meetings, and for upper-level managers, it’s 50%. Imagine if you took a few minutes to discern whether or not each meeting was a valuable way to spend your time. Start cutting out meetings. Think less talking, more doing.

2. Don’t spend time on things that don’t move your business forward.

How often do you get caught up spending a great deal of time on something that didn’t matter? Spending an hour on tweaking the lines of your email signature isn’t a good investment of time and energy. When you look at your to do list, really think about the importance of each item on the list. Is it really necessary? If so, how much time should you really be spending on it?

Thinking about how to prioritize at work?

Are you ready to make a change? Sometimes, it’s as simple as reexamining your task list and having the guts to cancel a few meetings. You can do it! If you find yourself prioritizing and you want to get the marketing to do list off your plate, we know some people you can call.

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