Why Working Extra Hours Won’t Boost Productivity At Work

Why Working Extra Hours Won’t Boost Productivity At Work

Why Working Extra Hours Won't Boost Productivity At WorkEntrepreneurs who are excited about their ideas and dedicated to their business have to face a difficult demon: Working way too much.  Kicking work into overdrive shows dedication to your cause… The only problem is that you could be hurting your business more than you are helping it. Here’s why.

Working too many hours will not boost your productivity at work.

Some studies have shown that a 50% increase in time spent working per week only produces an additional 25% of productivity. That means, if you work an extra 20 hours  a week (in addition to the standard 40 hours), you are only producing the meaningful output of 10 hours of work. Another source, Economist.com, shows that people who have worked 70 hour work weeks have the same output as people who have 56 hour work weeks. All of that said, it might be time to cut back a bit and see if it improves your productivity.

Being busy at work is not the same as being productive.

Crazy busy days can lead you to feeling like you need to forge on well past 5:00 p.m. to get more done. Take a step back and look at how you’ve spent your day. If you’ve had a lot of interruptions, you could be losing more than half your work day, causing you to go into overdrive. Instead of working a 60 hour work week, try to minimize interruptions to improve your workflow and get more done. By taking this step, you can really amp up your productivity at work without adding on tons of work hours.

Working too much could cause you to lose sleep, and loss of sleep causes tipsy behavior.

Yep. You read that right… tipsy behavior. According to Inc. Magazine, 20 hours without sleep causes you to function at the same level that you do when you’ve had five or six drinks (0.1 blood alcohol level). If you are working on too little sleep, you could be letting all kinds of details slips through the cracks. Working on too little sleep is definitely a habit that could come back to bite you. Instead of working to the point of exhaustion, try taking a break and getting some shut-eye. You will definitely be thanking yourself for it later.

Try outsourcing to spend your time more effectively.

If you are looking for ways to gain some efficiencies, think about outsourcing… make it someone else’s headache. That way, you can get back to doing what you do best. Need to outsource your marketing efforts? We can help you there.

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