Launch Fishers High School Fellowship: Meet the Intern

Launch Fishers High School Fellowship: Meet the Intern

I hope to be a pediatric oncologist someday, but also pursue music. I run track and cross country, but also enjoy dance. I want to be a successful president of Habitat for Humanity club AND vice president of Make-a-Wish club. I’m a member of Student Council, but also need to invest time in National Honor Society. I want to achieve straight A’s and maintain varsity letters in two sports, yet still have time for traveling with family and friends. Who says high schoolers don’t have tough decisions to make too? I’m still figuring out how to juggle it all, and it comes with many sacrifices. But I’m not complaining. I love to stay busy. Here’s just a few examples of what has kept me busy lately.


Girl wearing red, white, and blue clothing and hiking boots with arms outstretched on the top of a mountain

Peaked on July 4th after days of hiking with friends in Colorado


two teams starting a cross country race in the grass

Starting off a race during cross-country season with my teammates


two girls splattered with white paint holding paint rollers in an unfinished house
Painting a Habitat for Humanity home


7 people pose for photo in 99.5 ZPL Radio studio
Make-a-Wish Club on 99.5 ZPL Radio during the Request-a-Thon


13 girls in blue and green clothing posing in a garden with elevated pots and greenery
Press photo of the cast from a show I performed in recently


With an overwhelming variety of interests, college-hunting has been rough. Nope. It’s been really rough. How do I pick just ONE interest to pursue? However, I’ve learned a lot about myself by participating in too many activities over the years. The most important thing I’ve learned: I’m a “doer.” When I see a problem, I want to solve it. When I set a goal, I’ll do all it takes to reach it (even when that involves no free time and definitely no sleep).


Taking Risks 

I disregarded the first advertisement I saw about an entrepreneurship program through Launch Fishers. Starting my own business someday seemed a bit far fetched. Not to mention, it would be ANOTHER thing to add to my never-ending “to-do” list. However, it got me thinking about what it truly takes to be an entrepreneur.  Also, the program would allow me to pursue an internship. On second thought, I applied.

Signing up for the High School Fellowship program has benefited me more than I ever could’ve imagined… and it’s still the beginning.

The Launch Fishers program began with a week of “bootcamp” for all participants. Entrepreneurs from a wide variety of fields came to share their stories. They told of important lessons and wisdom gained from growing a business. Here’s just a sample of what really stuck with me from that week.

  • The most diverse personalities make the most successful teams.
  • Money is not the reward. The reward is in the process.
  • Clients come first.
  • Hard work pays off but requires persistence.
  • Never settle in. Always be one step ahead.

Not only did I learn what it meant to be an entrepreneur, but also walked away with a LinkedIn account, headshot, and firm handshake to top it off.

headshot of girl with curly hair and red shirt with scalloped neckline
First headshot in the books.
After learning about the persistence, hard work, and sacrifices involved in entrepreneurship, I realized I’d been developing these skills over time without knowing it. My experiences through clubs, sports and academics made me think that I might just be an entrepreneur after all. My “just do it” mentality seemed to fit right in with the way entrepreneurs take risks. Jumping into a business and pursuing what you love is a major risk, but one definitely worth taking.


Interview Day 

At the end of the week was interview day. What’s better than a first job interview? 20 back-to-back first job interviews.

head-on photo of girl with curly hair, green dress, and hands on hips in front of natural background
Ready for interview day.

Heart pounding, silently praying the interviewer wouldn’t notice my sweaty hands, I approached the first table. Then the dreaded statement, “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” Despite my jumbled thoughts, I managed to smile and spill out something about academics and having too many interests. As nerve-racking as it was with only 7 minutes to impress each employer, potentially being able to learn from such qualified professionals gave me butterflies of excitement.


Worth the Wait 

24 hours later, I was anxiously waiting to hear if any of the employers thought I would be a good fit. When the phone rang, I nearly couldn’t answer it. However, I soon had the opportunity to choose working with Iconic Digital for the summer. My fear turned to excitement. Not only would I be working with a digital marketing business that could teach me how to put the client’s interests first, but Carolyn and I ALMOST have the same name, AND she brings her dog to work…. what more could I want?

After only two weeks of being an intern at Iconic, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I have such great opportunities here to learn from talented people who are definitely “doers.” They’re passionate about their jobs and always put their best foot forwards. I can’t wait to learn more about Iconic’s clients and hopefully be able to make a meaningful contribution to their work. I’ll be sure to apply what I learn about marketing, dedication, and collaboration throughout the rest of my life. I’m certain I’ll take away valuable knowledge from this internship that will stick with me no matter which path I choose to pursue, and for this I could not be more thankful.

By Caroline

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