Iconic Indiana Entrepreneurs: Andy Jankowski and The Future of Work

Iconic Indiana Entrepreneurs: Andy Jankowski and The Future of Work

Andy Jankowski of Enterprise Strategies

AndyOur new series is about entrepreneurs in the Indiana area.  I spend a lot of time learning what makes them tick.  I’ve been lucky to work for and befriend a number of really smart people that have certain qualities that help them succeed.  My goal is to write about these qualities in hopes that they help others interested in forging a path in business.  Selfishly, I want to know what makes them different so that I may incorporate their tactics into my own quest for success.  From what I have found, there is not one single quality that is more important than others.  In fact, if there was one single common attribute, it would likely be the ability to leverage one’s inner strengths.  Therefore, I have chosen to look at each individual and compile a list of entrepreneurship skills that make them successful.

It’s easy to think of great entrepreneurs and immediately think Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and Mark Cuban.  But, great entrepreneurs exist in every country, state, and town in the world.  This is our effort to help communicate the stories few people hear about regarding what it takes to win and the qualities that make the lesser known entrepreneurs successful.

Andy Jankowski: Helping the Large Enterprises Understand the Future of Work

This is a blog series about Indianapolis Entrepreneurs and I am pushing the boundaries already.  Andy splits his time between Indianapolis, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and even Paris.  However, I feel confident in claiming Andy as an Indianapolis entrepreneur since it is his home base.

Andy’s company is Enterprise Strategies.  In a nutshell, they are an elite team of expert strategists that are hired by some of the world’s largest and most prestigious organizations.  They help strategically implement better collaboration, communication, and knowledge management processes and tools to facilitate productivity.  By shifting the paradigm of how these companies view and use collaboration and internal social tools (like a company intranet), Andy’s team is able to achieve measurable monetary gains in areas that larger enterprises have historically been unable to affect on their own.  In fact, many have given up altogether and become resigned to the fact that communication, collaboration, and knowledge management is an inevitable cost wasteland resulting from their size.  If this is an area that interests you, check out Enterprise Strategies on the web (btw- we were lucky enough to design this site and it is still one of our favorites).

Why Andy Jankowski Makes Our List of Iconic Indiana Entrepreneurs…

Three words: “really smart guy”.  This is an oversimplification, of course.  Andy and his team’s ability to understand incredibly complicated problems and build strategies to solve them is incredible.  Forget the list of high-profile clients (although, it is really impressive).  I’ve seen these guys/girls work.  Everything is strategic.  Every blog post, Tweet, statement of work, and partnership is well thought out and buttoned down.  His public speaking engagements and keynote addresses are well planned.  The blogs, downloadable content, and follow up e-mails are as good as you are going to get from any organization.

The Quality That Makes Andy Iconic (in our mind)…

It’s tough to define this one.  Each of our subjects have multiple talents and qualities that make them Iconic.  Alas, the task is to pick one.

The one I chose for Andy: “attention to detail”.  I have seen very few people that have the ability to identify specific details that, when tweaked, make huge impacts on the finished product.  It’s likely an innate ability of those that are gifted with a highly analytical mind.  But, I do not believe that the quality cannot be practiced and refined.  Since working with Andy, I have forced myself to study details with more care.  The results have been good.

Achieving Andy’s level of precision is probably not likely, at least for me.  His skill is much more advanced.  The challenge for many highly analytical people is that they are usually bogged down by the trait.  They find themselves mired in paralysis by analysis.  I would never label this a trait that I would covet as an entrepreneur.  But that’s what makes Andy’s analytical skills unique – he doesn’t get derailed.  In fact, he leverages them to outperform his competition.  He monetizes his skills by offering it to some of the elite businesses in the world and they gladly pay his team for the experience.

So what’s my takeaway as an entrepreneur after working with Andy?

Stop and analyze.  Every piece of content, speaking engagement, and sales call directly affects my personal brand.  This I already know.  Be critical.  Identify areas for improvement even when there is none blatantly obvious.  Challenge my marketing customers to do the same.  Successful ventures are likely determined by seemingly minor details.  Force myself and my team to analyze deeper and more critically.

I tend to think of entrepreneurs as strictly great salespeople or innovators that caught lightening in a bottle.  I think most of us do.  As I write more of these blogs about truly great entrepreneurs, like Andy Jankowski, I find myself fascinated by the diversity of the traits that make them great.  I have never had a more exciting blog series to write.  I hope that you continue to join me on this quest to uncover the qualities that make Iconic Entrepreneurs.  I do this selfishly to force me to study and analyze successful people.  Hopefully, we will all gain new perspectives on what it takes to succeed, besides what we read in the Steve Jobs biography!

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