Indy’s Iconic Entrepreneurs: Jason Krueger from StratoStar

Indy’s Iconic Entrepreneurs: Jason Krueger from StratoStar

indy's iconic entrepreneur I meet tons of entrepreneurs in my job.  It’s probably the coolest part of it all.  I have an insane commitment to learning and a number of those I meet are some of the best teachers.  In my quest to become a better entrepreneur I look to those around me to figure out what makes them tick.

The next part of this blog series focuses on an extremely innovative company and its leader.  My hope is that I can identify one trait from the best entrepreneurs I know so that I can incorporate these qualities into my own work to help propel Iconic Digital Marketing to be the area’s preeminent website designer and branding firm.

We all know the stories of the Warren Buffets, Steve Jobs, and Donald Trumps.  They are certainly special, but they are not the only iconic entrepreneurs out there.  There are many more.  This blog series casts the light on the lesser known captains of industry – some of them I am lucky to work with.

Jason Krueger is one of those people that has a number of things going for him.  His company StratoStar is likely one of the coolest most of us will run across.  StratoStar brings STEM Education and Project Based Learning to schools and universities around the country using weather balloon projects to allow students of all ages to study various concepts in a near space environment.  They’ve worked with organization like NASA (ADVISING them!).  I would strongly recommend you check out the StratoStar mission to empower educators to unlock student curiosity.

The weather balloon projects are really cool, but, as we know, a cool idea is not a successful company.  At the helm of the StratoStar flight deck is Jason Krueger.

Why Jason Makes Our List of Iconic Indianapolis Entrepreneurs:


Jason’s passion for the work that he does is contagious and it is the fuel for Stratostar’s ongoing and growing success.  Jason’s drive to continually provide the best product possible and help teachers incorporate STEM education through Project Based Learning is remarkable.

Jason works tirelessly to engage with his audience in an authentic and genuine way even using social media to engage with those who might benefit from Stratostar’s program. He is always ready to share information, educate and champion the importance of Project Based Learning for the forward movement of the youth in our country.

He always has a smile, and an encouraging word for those that he works with while providing a wellspring of new ideas to explore. He is a true collaborator when it come to creating new marketing tools that will help to attract the brightest and most passionate educators to Stratostar’s project based programs.

When you meet Jason he reflects the passion and joy that come from the students and educators that use Stratostar’s products to enhance their learning experiences.

Passion is a key ingredient in any entrepreneur’s arsenal. It is inevitable that there will be roadblocks, opposition, and discouraging times when running your own business. However, passion is that characteristic that can not only keep you going but inspire others to become key partners and participants in your venture!

Congrats to Jason Krueger for being the first to make our list of Iconic Indianapolis Entrepreneurs!

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