Top 7 Signs You Belong At An Indianapolis Marketing Agency

Top 7 Signs You Belong At An Indianapolis Marketing Agency

teamworkMaybe you are thinking about working at an Indianapolis marketing agency. We can’t blame you. Indianapolis is a boom town with so much to offer. If you are trying to decide whether or not working at an Indianapolis marketing agency is for you, read on.

Signs You Belong At An Indianapolis Marketing Agency

  1. You constantly check out websites, Facebook ads, billboards, etc. But it isn’t because you are interested in the product. No, you are way more interested in thinking about the approach and how the medium in question sells for that particular business.
  2. You hashtag in casual conversation. Why? Because you want that particular topic to become a widespread social media phenom. Don’t worry. Someday, you will come up with an epic hashtag that will catch fire and be a worldwide trend. #fameandfortuneawaits
  3. You live on Instagram. Maybe it’s because you are visual. Maybe it’s because you love keeping up with the hottest, latest forms of social media. Whatever the case, your Facebook feed has slowed down and your Instagram is now crammed with pictures of your pets, your family, your food and the occasional fabulous sunset.
  4. You are semi-addicted to your blogging metrics. You check out your little WordPress site and geek out when you have 100 more visits than yesterday. You analyze said metrics and begin to wonder if maybe you should start going after keywords to keep those babies climbin’!
  5. You are sick and tired of freelancing. Seriously. It worked for a while, but you’ve got some experience under your belt and you are ready to forge your path at an Indianapolis marketing agency. You want a steady income and WAY less stress.
  6. You find yourself criticizing everyone else’s marketing. All you can do is look at a magazine ad and wonder why the designer didn’t noticed that the text was just a tiny bit off center. You notice marketing campaign that utilizes fear tactics… when it really shouldn’t. You see a business you follow on Facebook post something with 12 spelling errors. Palm/face.
  7. Your own work is never ever good enough. You work hard, and when you stand back, you usually feel like you are stepping in the right direction… but you don’t want to settle for anything that isn’t Nike or Budweiser.

Are you thinking you belong at an Indianapolis marketing agency? Good news. Iconic is always looking for energetic people to help support our mission to use marketing to leverage sales. Interested? We are too. Drop us a line.

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