We Spent A Day Brainstorming & We Hardly Believed What Happened

We Spent A Day Brainstorming & We Hardly Believed What Happened

Iconic Ideas DayYesterday, the entire Iconic team was out of the office. No, we weren’t taking a day off… we were making some magic happen.

We decided to take an entire day away from the office, each of us working from a remote location of our choosing. I chose to work from home, where my creative juices could really go wild with my needy Beagle, Daisy, at my side.

The Concept Behind Our Day Of Strategic Planning

We each would spend one full day developing an idea – any idea – that would help our business grow in some way. The only rules were that we had to spend the full day on said strategic planning project and that we could not share any of our ideas with one another ahead of time.

We spent the day working on our secret projects. Though Daisy stepped on my project three different times, I was excited to share my ideas with the group. We shot a few texts back and forth throughout the day… a few team members (ahem, Jason) were trying to con others into sharing what we were working on.  By the end of the day, however, all of our projects were still shrouded in secret.

This morning, we had a meeting… THE BIG REVEAL. We each took turns and presented our ideas to the group for feedback, and the results were nothing short of amazing.

Result 1: Everyone came to the table with great, well-developed ideas.

Where ideas often happen in passing (“Hey, we should do this one thing!”), we were able to share well-defined business ideas with one another.  We had each thought through our ideas and put them on paper, with a plan to implement.

Result 2: We all surprised each other.

It can be easy to accidentally place people in a box fitting their job description.  That said, it was easy to imagine that the creative types would bring something creative, and the analytical types would bring something analytical. That happened… but only to an extent. Each team member involved used their skills set, but combined it unexpectedly with something far outside the realm of what anyone would expect. One of our strategic consultants designed a website. One of our creative designers came up with a strategic plan.

Result 3: We are energized.

After hearing everyone’s ideas, we all felt extremely energized and motivated to better our business. It broke up our schedule in a fun, exciting, and ultimately very productive way. We may have spent a day and a half away from billable hours, but what we got out of it was worth far more to the business than we could have predicted.

The Future Of Iconic Ideas Day

We will definitely be continuing Iconic Ideas Day. It can be hard as a small business to break out of the production schedule, but we all came away feeling like we had more ideas and more energy than ever. Our plan is to implement Iconic Ideas Day once a month with all team members.

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