Welcome to Iconic Digital Agency’s Summer Intern – Alex Todd

Welcome to Iconic Digital Agency’s Summer Intern – Alex Todd

IMG_0053Let me set the scene for you: I was a high school junior. I was busy. I had extracurriculars. I had curriculars. College was coming. I had no idea where I should go. All of those things made me feel slightly overwhelmed. Well- maybe I could be more descriptive. All of those things made me feel like I was plummeting at 1000 miles per hour through the canopy layer of the Amazon Rainforest. If college was the jungle floor, I had no idea where I would fall.

Not a good feeling.

I was aware that I ‘still had time (this was expressed more than a few times by several distant relatives). But it didn’t help ease my nerves. Choosing a college is hard: you have trillions of factors to consider, from the ever-important financial side to the paramount issue, gender ratio. So, to get a better feel for where I wanted to spend the next 4+ years of my life, I decided to take a trip to Indiana University.

We had a scheduled visit to the Kelley School of Business, and I wasn’t particularly excited. Once I had gotten seated in one of the classrooms, a Kelley student began to talk about her time there. I heard at least six sighs from the prospective students seated around me while the spokesperson gave her spiel about the four-year curriculum plan. But weirdly, I didn’t sigh. I, while listening to the description of the case projects and subject matter, was actually getting kind of excited. Nerdy? Probably. But after a student testimony, I was convinced that business merited further exploration.

I returned from the visit intrigued, but shortly thereafter a busy spring semester stole my attention, and I didn’t have much time to think about future career choices. In the back of my mind, I knew that summer was coming, and I knew I needed a job- I couldn’t risk running out of cash like I had earlier that year. So, before I had committed too much energy to a job search, I stumbled upon a fantastic opportunity.

I was walking into my English class when a messily scribbled note on the whiteboard caught my eye: ‘Internship, $10/hr, learn more here: …’ I considered $10 per hour a godsend compared to the minimum wage I would’ve gotten anywhere else, and promptly looked into it. When I came to the realization that this internship, run by the co-working community Launch Fishers, was going to be small business oriented, my heart gave a small leap. What an answered prayer! I could earn some money, learn more about a potential career and college major in business, and hopefully end up getting 10% equity in the next Facebook! Well, maybe not the last one. The point is, I was very eager.

I signed up as quick as I could. As soon as school was out, I sacrificed some of my summer binge-sleeping and drove myself to the week long Launch Fishers boot camp. Four days of lectures later, we were told that on the fifth day, Friday, there would be interviews with around 15 different companies. These interviews would determine our internship placement for the summer-  obviously, a big deal.

Having never been through an actual interview before, I was pretty anxious. Knowing all of the benefits that could come with a good company placement, the stakes were set high in my mind. Interview day, I put one of my nice shirts, my trusty black tie and my grandfather’s old gold tie tack. I came out of the interviews feeling good about how I’d presented myself, but still anxious to know the results.

The Monday after that weekend, I got an email saying I had been placed with Iconic Digital Marketing Agency- and that my first day of work was that Wednesday. I was ecstatic! Since day one on the job at Iconic, I have learned an extraordinary amount about sales, web design, marketing, and the psychology behind all of it- all of which I will share about in future posts.

As far as a major in college goes, or the actual choice of school, I’m still not sure. I will be going into my senior year of high school in August, so it’s getting to crunch time. My future school could be IU, or it could be the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. My major could be Marketing, or maybe Viticulture or Canadian Studies. But whatever happens, and wherever I go in life, I know that my time here at Iconic will have been a significant factor in guiding me there. And for that reason, I’m exceptionally grateful for the opportunity.

-The Iconic Digital Agency Intern
More to come!


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