Quiz: Do You Need Graphic Design Help? – Indianapolis Design Firm

Quiz: Do You Need Graphic Design Help? – Indianapolis Design Firm

Garden Sketch DesignAs an Indianapolis design firm, Iconic is all about helping our clients get a handle on where their graphic design rates in their industry. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a quiz that should help you determine whether or not your graphic design is interfering with your sales. Ready?

Answer all the questions below to the best of your knowledge. Be sure to keep track of your responses on a separate sheet of paper.


  1. People tell me they love my website and marketing materials.
  2. The people who tell me they love my website are all outside of my immediate family.
  3. People say my website is really easy to understand and navigate.
  4. I love all of our marketing materials; I should probably frame them and hang them up.
  5. We get all kinds of compliments on our logo, and we rarely struggle with people following our branding guidelines.
  6. Our corporate color scheme really draws attention AND it’s a perfect fit for our industry… BONUS!
  7. Our social media accounts are filled with awesome, catchy graphics that engage our target market and ultimately end in conversion.
  8. People are filling out the contact forms on our website.
  9. People say they love our e-downloads; we get viable leads from them all the time.
  10. No one ever tells me they had a hard time accessing information about my company.

Some of these questions may have made you raise an eyebrow. Take note that many of these are based on customer feedback. Now that you’ve taken the quiz, are you ready for the results?

MOSTLY TRUE: Wow, you are killing it. Seriously. Why are you on an Indianapolis design firm website? You are probably a designer yourself! If you’ve got mostly trues, you definitely know that having a strong image in the eyes of your target market is super important.

PRETTY MUCH HALF AND HALF: Look carefully at the questions to which you answered “False”. Do a lot of them relate to customer feedback? If so, it could be that YOU love your graphic design, but your target market isn’t so sure. Don’t worry! You’ve clearly got a good start. Keep paddling and work hard to make certain that you’ve got great graphics in ALL of your marketing materials.

MOSTLY FALSE: Problems are on the immediate horizon. If people are having a hard time connecting with you because your marketing materials are difficult to understand and tough to navigate, you are losing more viable leads than you probably care to think about. Maybe it’s time to out in a call to an Indianapolis design firm.

Need help from an Indianapolis design firm? Drop us a line.

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