Indianapolis Graphic Design Firms Are Taking Hostages

Indianapolis graphic design firms sometimes try to hold your files hostage.

Indianapolis Graphic Design Firms Are Taking Hostages

BREAKING NEWS: Indianapolis graphic design firms are taking hostages… File hostages, that is. If you are having trouble Indianapolis graphic design firms sometimes try to hold your files hostage.getting your Indianapolis graphic design firm to hand over the right files at the end of your project, this article is for you.

Let’s pretend that you just bought a car. You go to the dealer, you put down the money, and when you are ready to drive it away, they won’t hand you the keys.

“But I just bought this car,” you say to the dealer.

“Yes, you bought the car,” the dealer agrees, “but we will be holding on to the keys for you for safekeeping. We don’t want you to damage the car, after all. But don’t worry, it’s still yours. Isn’t it pretty?”

Uhh… what?

There’s a reason that this story sounds so strange. It’s because once you pay for something, it should be ALL yours. That means the car is yours. The dealer retains no rights on the car whatsoever, because you’ve paid for it.

How is your creative work any different? All too often, we hear about Indianapolis graphic design firms holding files hostage. This could include any of the following:

  • Not giving you the original native files when you request them
  • Not permitting you to make alterations to native files to “protect the integrity of the artwork”
  • Attempting to retain copyright for the work that was done
  • Ignoring your requests for specific file types

We hear about it. All. The. Time. Our best guess: These Indianapolis graphic design firms are trying to hold files hostage because they want to retain your business. It really is like the car dealer scenario. If you’ve paid for it, it should be all yours. Some Indianapolis graphic design firms won’t hand files over because they don’t want you to destroy the integrity of your own brand… it’s a fair concern, but isn’t it YOUR brand to destroy? If you want to take your new car and enter it into a demolition derby, isn’t that your own business?

How To Avoid Working With An Indianapolis Graphic Design Firm That Takes Hostages

Here are some ways to avoid working with an Indianapolis graphic design firm that takes files hostage.

1. Ask the right questions when interviewing graphic design firms Indianapolis.

This means interviewing the Indianapolis graphic design firm before you make any kind of payment to them. Here are some questions to ask:

2. Build a plan into your contract that ensures you get to keep what is yours.

If they answer the questions above properly, great… but make sure it is reflected in your contract. The contract you sign is to protect you BOTH, so you will want to be sure the deal reflects your wishes.

3. Check the files you receive from and save them in a safe place.

Most Indianapolis graphic design firms state that they ARE NOT required to hold onto files for you. If they want to throw your design files in the garbage can, they can absolutely do that. That means that three years down the road, when you need to get screen printing done, they may not have the file you need. For this reason, when they give you the files, it is your responsibility to make sure you’ve got everything you need and that it is saved in a safe place.

Here’s why we don’t hold hostages.

If you do good business, you don’t need to hold things hostage. Revisiting our car analogy: A car dealer who knows he sells great cars understands that he doesn’t need to keep the keys to keep you coming back. If you love the car, you will return. Simple as that. That’s why we don’t hold files hostage here at Iconic Digital Marketing. We know you need the complete package at the end of the project, so we give you the keys to the kingdom. If you like what we’ve done, you will come back when you need help.

If you’d like to talk with us about your next project, drop us a line. We will make sure you have everything you need to dominate.

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