The Graphic Design And Marketing Rut

The Graphic Design And Marketing Rut

the graphic design and marketing rutGetting out of a graphic design and marketing rut can be tough. Maybe you have been doing work for the same company too long. Maybe you have developed one specific style that has started to hinder you more than it helps you. Sometimes designers who don’t work in an environment that allows for a lot of creative feedback can get pretty stuck.

The graphic design and marketing rut is a place where your materials start to deteriorate and lose their impact. Even if the design is strong, but the marketing aspects are not (or vice versa), you may need to take some action. If you feel like this could be you, don’t fret. Here are some ways to break out of your graphic design and marketing rut.

How To Keep Your Graphic Design And Marketing Out Of The Rut

1. Look at your work then design the opposite. Are you normally working on graphic design and marketing pieces for the city ballet? Try doing a project on your own time for WWE. You will be forced think outside of your typical box. Taking on a project like this in your free time could be all it takes to get you out of that rut.

2. Rule out your favorite fonts. Sometimes, designers can get stuck with the same font all the time. It happens. Rethinking your font choices could save you from walking in circles. Uninstall your favorites (just for a little bit) and try a project or two with something new. There are a lot of great fonts to pick from out there, and you don’t your portfolio to look like the same project over and over again.

3. Volunteer to do some graphic design and marketing for a local non-profit. They will be grateful for the help and you will be able to experiment with a new look. Pick something that falls outside your typical line of work. If you are primarily designing for a sporting goods company, maybe think about designing a brochure for a local pet shelter. You will be helping the community and adding some variety to your workload.

4. Look at work that you don’t like. Other designers are cranking out a lot of amazing stuff whether you like the look or not. Find a talented designer whose tastes you do not share and pretend you are seeing design work for the first time. Force yourself to think about the things you like about their work. What are they doing well? How can you learn from them for your own work?

5. Watch tutorials. Creative software never ceases to amaze… Unless you have written the program, there is probably something about Photoshop that you still don’t know. Find out what it is. Use it in your next project. Sometimes, breaking out of the rut is as simple as learning a few new tricks.

More Ideas?

Being paid to be creative can be tricky, but if you take care of your design skills, you will be able to keep yourself out of a design rut. Do you have other ideas about how to break free? Share them with us!

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