Brilliant Guerrilla Marketing Ideas (Part 1)

Brilliant Guerrilla Marketing Ideas (Part 1)

Good guerrilla marketing ideas are all over these days. You have to dare to be different in order to get seen in the marketplace. The great thing about really good guerrilla marketing ideas is that they usually go viral pretty fast. It’s fun to try and tricky to pull off, but a lot of guerrilla marketing ideas are all about making customers point and laugh (in the good way)

Here are some of the best guerrilla marketing ideas we have seen:

People As Fleas For Frontline

Frontline turned guerrilla marketing ideas on their head.Bet you never guessed Frontline could be so funny. This piece is most definitely camera-phone worthy. Wouldn’t YOU want people whipping out their phones to immortalize your ads?

T-Mobile Flash Mob

Flash mobs are nothing new, but they never fail to be awesome. T-Mobile sponsored this group who did a dance flash mob. Talk about immediately getting several hundred customers hooked. Those dancers will remember that forever and T-Mobile earned some great footage to use in their advertising. Win-win.

Pink In The Rink For Breast Cancer Awareness

PinkFundraising for breast cancer awareness? Nothing will get people to a game like pink ice. The Toledo Walleye dye their rink pink every year to help raise funds for breast cancer research. It’s a great way to get people to attend a game, right?

Vodafone’s Nice Thieves

VodafoneVodafone hired people to go out and sneak a slip of paper (die cut to look like a phone) into people’s pockets and purses. The idea? To show people how easy it is for someone to snatch a phone without anyone noticing. The point: to sell phone insurance. Genius.





Twilight Saga Vampire Bite

TwilightThese little red stickers came in pairs. In case you can’t read them, they say “The Twilight Saga” and “Get Bitten.” An ad agency got the bright idea to stick these two little guys on the necks of fashion model ads. It does the trick, doesn’t it?

Want more guerrilla marketing ideas?

Stay tuned. We will be adding to the series. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts. In the meantime, maybe it’s time to get ideas about how you can harness your guerilla marketing ideas and use them for your business. The whole idea behind guerrilla marketing is inbound marketing. Want to learn more? Check out our free e-book below.

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