What You Have to Include In Online Forms

What You Have to Include In Online Forms

When it comes to generating leads from your website traffic, very few things are as important and crucial to the process thanOnline forms are a great way to capture lead information. online forms. With online forms, you can capture lead information, set up marketing automation, and optimize a digital sales cycle.

Before you get started creating online forms, check out these important aspects of online forms:

Calls to action drive your site visitor to fill out the online forms in the first place.

If you want your website visitors to actually fill out a form, then you need to provide them with the direct to do so. Just as you would use a CTA to drive traffic from one page to another or from your Facebook page to your website, you need a CTA to drive that traffic to fill out your form. Maybe they’re looking for more information from you, maybe they want your newsletter, it doesn’t matter. You need to provide them a call to action to fill out the form.

At the most basic level, you need your lead’s name, so you can customize lead generation marketing.

This one might seem obvious to some, but leaving off a field for a name is a huge mistake. You might not think you need it, but if you want to add any personalization to your marketing, then you need a name. If you’re looking for a compromise, you probably don’t need a full name (first and last), but having a first name is the basics. and, you want to cover the basics. Imagine going to call on a lead to finalize a sale only to realize you don’t have their name? Most likely, you’d lose out on the sale.

An email address allows you set up marketing automation channels to seamlessly reach your lead.

Without an email address, you might as well be flying blind. In today’s digital-crazed world, this is the most important piece of contact information. Most people will only want you to contact them through their email. Not to mention, you need email addresses in order to successfully set up email marketing automation, which provides you with a lead generation tool.

A phone number gives you direct access to your lead, so you can close the sale.

Depending on your business and the services/products you provide, a phone number might be the only line of direct access. If your service or products are expensive, in terms of the general consumer, or complicated, then an online process might not be the best way to close sales. While some products and services lend themselves to the e-commerce digital sales cycle, others simply do not. You need a phone number, so you can directly reach out to the lead in order to close the sale.

A button at the end of the form gives your lead the opportunity to finish the form.

Again, this one might seem a little obvious, but without a button, your lead won’t understand how to finish the process. Your button should be obvious. Use something like “Submit” to make it clear what needs to happen. Using a brand color on the button will also help your lead know that it’s a button and motivate them to click it.

A simple thank you provides leads with a recognition that their form was submitted.

Your lead just gave you everything you need to contact them, saying thank you should be a given. Not only will the lead know their form went through, but they’ll appreciate the fact that you took the time to say thank you. If you offered a download or any content, the thank you page is a great place to include that.

Building out forms might seem like a simple task, but when it comes down to the strategy and implementation of it, knowing the ins and outs becomes complicated. To effectively build out the forms, you need to tie them into your CRM system, your marketing automation process, and your sales cycle. Sound overwhelming? That’s where Iconic Digital comes in. We understand forms. We understand digital sales. We understand consumers and we’re ready to build online forms, strategies, and cycles for you.

What are you waiting for? Let’s talk.

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