Important Vs. Urgent Which One Is Taking Precedence In Your Marketing Messages?

Important Vs. Urgent Which One Is Taking Precedence In Your Marketing Messages?

Your marketing messages need to be urgent not important.How many customers have purchased your products in the last month? How many times have you been on the phone with a lead in the last week? Are you still getting the same amount of leads you were a month ago? Two months ago? How about a year ago?

Every answer to the above questions can come down to one thing: your marketing messages. The best designs and ideas in the world can come up short when it comes to increasing sales, if your marketing messages are all wrong. Sure, a great design might draw the eye, but if the messaging accompanying that design is stale, out-of-date, not emotionally driven, or not urgent enough, then your marketing efforts won’t get you where you want to go.

Important Marketing Messages

You might look at your marketing content and think, “hey, this is all really important stuff.” And, you know what? It very well might be. However, important is subjective to the consumer. What you deem as important may not seem important to the person reading the messages.

That’s right. You read that correctly. You’re all important marketing messages may not be all important to your target audience.

Let’s say you’re a home builder looking to expand your business into a nearby market. You might be saying things like, “Before you break ground, make sure your home builder is qualified.”

Or, maybe you’re a keynote speaker trying to find an audience for your new keynote topic, “Sustainability in the 21st Century.” You might use something like, “Sustainability is the only way we can confidently head into the next 10 years.”

Both of the above messages are important for the target audience to know, but they don’t create a sense of urgency. These aren’t the types of messages that will get someone to click on a link, download information, or even make the decision to purchase.

Bottom line: important messages don’t always move potential customers to pull the trigger on purchasing.

The Real Purpose of Your Marketing Messages

Here’s a hint: it isn’t just to get your brand in front of your target audience. Sure, awareness has it’s value, but you don’t just want awareness. You want action.

You want customers to be so compelled by your messaging that they can’t resist taking action. They can’t help but click the buy button. The can’t stop themselves from filling out a form on your site. They don’t even realize they’re dialing your number until the phone starts ringing.

So, what do you have to do in order to make that happen with your marketing messages? Make it urgent.

You have to move beyond suggesting or asking potential clients to take action. You have to demand it.

How Do You Create A Sense of Urgency?

Your first thought might be to start stuffing your marketing messages full of exclamation points. That’ll work, right? People will see the exclamation points and automatically know how urgent something is.

Unfortunately, tons of exclamation points won’t do that. What it all actually comes down to: marketing strategy. You have to strategically place things like exclamation points, urgency words and phrases, and calls to action.

When you use compelling messages, you can more easily move consumers deeper into your sales funnel without them really noticing. Urgency means that consumers have to act right away, but it also means they can’t resist it. They need it and they need it.

Returning to one of the examples from earlier, a more effective message about your sustainability keynote would be, “Without adequate sustainability practices, we won’t make it into the next 10 years.”

Urgency creates a sense of finality. It creates a sense of, “I need to take action before it’s too late.” And, when used effectively will have consumers taking action without even thinking about it. They won’t hesitate and your sales will start to grow.

Sure, it might not happen the first time they see your messaging, but the sense of urgency will certainly prompt them to discover more about you, your products, or your services. When action is taken, awareness is created, and your potential customers are one step further into your sales funnel.

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