5 Reasons To Develop a Content Offer

5 Reasons To Develop a Content Offer

Content offers have the potential to be as valuable as a gold mine to you and your business. The only problem is you don’t have one.Having a content offer on your site could be the ticket to filling your sales pipeline. As a sales tool, a content offer can increase awareness drive traffic to your site. Still don’t think you need one?

Check out these reasons to develop a content offer:

1. Content offers generate leads for your sales pipeline.

First and foremost, you should be using content offers to generate leads on your website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Buzzfeed style quiz or a checklist for hiring a custom home builder. Your content offer should be so enticing that site visitors fill out a form with their contact information in order to access the content. By collecting their contact information, you’re filling your pipeline. It’s a win-win for everyone. Site visitors get helpful information and you get their contact information.

2. You establish credibility by offering advice and expertise.

As a business, you want site visitors to think of you as a credible resource. Why? Credible resources also offer credible services and products. Your content offer can and should position you in such a way that established you as an expert in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re making shoes by hand or selling used phone books. No one wants to give you money if you aren’t the best there is. Your content offer might just be what pushes you over the edge into the expert camp in someone’s perception.

3. It provides you with content to share on social, blogs, and other content marketing opportunities.

Content marketing is all about sharing. You need content for Facebook, your blog, your website, your direct mail pieces, your Youtube videos. You need it everywhere. The best way to get content to all of those places is to repurpose it. Make tweaks and break up the content in new ways. Your content offer can be the epicenter of all your content marketing. You can share a snippet on a Facebook post and link back to the content offer landing page. You can include the first three pages on blog post and then offer it as a download.

4. Content offers allow you to set up marketing automation workflows.

If you’re including content offers in your sales process, then you also need a marketing automation process. What happens when someone downloads something on your site? Do you reach out immediately? What if it’s 4 am? Marketing automation makes the follow up process easier. The person downloading the content will be impressed when they receive an immediate ‘thank-you’ email with the content offer. But, you don’t have to stop there. Write a series of emails that keep the lead hooked. Follow up with them at the end of series by offering a free consultation or demonstration.

5. It gives your target market something tangible to relate back to you.

What happens to the content after someone reads it? A few things could potentially happen. It could be so amazing that the lead has to call you immediately to talk. Or, it could be so incredible that the information stays with them forever and they become a brand advocate for you. Either way, that content will always be associated in their minds with you and your brand. Something will spark the memory of what you said about the leather you use in your shoes or the color of the ads in your phone books. The point is, your content offer will give leads something real that they connect with.

The difference between having and not having a content offer could end up making or breaking your business. Sure, it’s not hurting anything by not having one, but it’s not helping either. A content offer has great potential for every business and can help turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson.

As an Indianapolis digital marketing team, Iconic Digital helps clients develop content marketing plans and strategies designed to increase web presence, build brands, and grow sales pipelines. Our team of word nerds and design geeks are ready to help you get started. What are you waiting for?

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