5 Technologies You Can Use For More Efficient Sales Prospecting

Small Business Marketing 5Iconic spends a lot of time developing exclusive leads for our clients.  One of the reasons our services are so popular is that prospecting is sometimes cumbersome, hard to allocate time to, and often times inefficient.  However, not prospecting is not an option.

Outsourcing lead generation is a great option if you have a product that generates enough commission to generate a substantial ROI and not doing so may actually be costing you money.  With the plethora of available technologies, there are options to prospect for sales more efficiently and generate high quality leads with a little effort and very little cost.

Here are 5 ways to use technology in sales prospecting efforts:

  •  ME, Inc. Needs a Blog

One of the most critical aspects of personal success and achievement is managing your personal brand.  Sales reps, upwardly mobile middle managers, and small business entrepreneurs must take great care in managing ME, INC.  ME, INC is just as important as every one of the brands represented on the Fortune 500.  You have to believe that.

With that in mind, do you have a personal blog?  You don’t have to be Hemingway.  You spend all day every day in front of clients that are asking questions.  Here’s what is cool: potential prospects that you have not talked to are asking the same questions…to Google.  If you write a blog to answer the questions they are asking Google, Google will direct them to your blog, the prospect will see you as an authority figure, and (oh, by the way)you’re your contact info elegantly displayed on the blog page.  Who do you think they are going to call?    That’s right… they will call YOU!  Build a brand for ME INC as a thought leader.

  • Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on Facebook or LinkedIn… you know this.  But few use it effectively to personally market themselves. You have likely been building a network for years.  You have access to an audience of hundreds of people that know hundreds of people.  Use it!  For years, business schools taught the importance of networking.  In today’s market, networking is simply too easy!

Caution: This is not the time to go crazy and bombard people with unwanted SPAM in their Facebook feed.  Slow down, float some cool things out there about your company (cool things other than “Buy Now” messages), “like” certain pages, join different groups.  PARTICIPATE IN DISCUSSIONS!  Better yet, start your own group and build a community of followers interested in solving problems that your product solves. 

Build yourself as a thought leader.  Are you on Pinterest, Google +, Twitter?  Set up a page for your blog or a new account for your new venture.  Social Media is a powerful tool when used correctly.  Businesses spend hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars to develop a social media presence – the same type of presence you have likely built organically for free.

  • On-Line Dialer System.

You could telemarket off of spreadsheets or the “view” function of SalesForce.  You’ll likely be able to dial 25 times in an hour, have about 4 conversations, and possibly book 1 appointment.  But, for less than a couple dollars per day you can subscribe to an online dialer system, load up prospects via spreadsheet, sort prospects by campaign or geography, and automatically dial phone numbers and be alerted when someone picks up.  The software will drop bad phone numbers or answering machines, set call backs, and integrate with your calendar system or CRM allowing you to set appointments at the touch of a button.  Everybody knows telemarketing sucks.  Wouldn’t it be great to reduce the time you spend doing something you hate?

Numbers will likely increase to about 50 calls per hour, 14-16 conversations, and 3-5 appointments.  The increase in efficiency is the result of no longer dealing with bad numbers and answering systems with a dramatic increase in “live talk” time.  Most online dialer companies even integrate with the most common CRM systems and online calendars. Never miss a hot call back again and watch your productivity explode.

  • Microsoft Streets and Trips, Mappoint, etc.

Windshield time is inevitable.  Some of your sales appointments are out a ways.  By uploading addresses into a mapping program and syncing it with your GPS, you can easily see current clients and prospects based on your location.  Instead of driving 2 hours for a single appointment, load up the GPS, grab a few dozen donuts, and make some new friends in the area.  Microsoft Streets and Trips and other similar programs plot out your next closest destination helping you effectively manage your time in your territory and keep you selling longer. Pretty cool huh?

  • Free Prospect Lists

Sometimes the old prospect list gets a little stale, making prospecting seem like the movie Groundhog Day.  Here’s something cool: did you know that most public libraries have access to Reference USA and…it’s free!  No need to actually go to the library, many make it accessible from their home page.  Reference USA allows you to find new prospects, download all pertinent info, and even download profiles into Excel format to use in your prospecting.A great feature is the ability to search new businesses and “verified” prospects.  The information on a verified lead has been contacted within the last 12 months to verify current info.  Prospect lists are expensive.  Libraries just got slightly cooler!

There you go, happy sales prospecting!
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