Building Your Email Marketing List

You’ve got a brand new website. Your digital marketing plan is basically flawless, but when you go to send your first marketing email, you realize you don’t actually have a subscriber or leads list. Email marketing is hard as is, but without an email list, your emails literally won’t go anywhere.

For email marketing to be effective, you have to have an email list to send messages to.The first step in email marketing is actually building out your email list. You may be wondering how you build this list from nothing, but it’s really not as complex as you may think.

For starters, you probably have a list somewhere already. Your current customers are a great place to start. Plus, if you’ve been to tradeshows or events and collected business cards, you can use those too!

Aside from those two options, here are a few ways to either build your email list from the ground up or grow your list:

Create An Offer

If you just launched a brand new website, then you need to be offering gated content in the form of top of the funnel offers. This can be in the form of an e-book, white paper, video series, or even an infographic. It really doesn’t matter what the offer is so long as a visitor to your site will find it valuable enough to fill out a form.

When you create an offer, you have to think about the type of information your web traffic is To build up your email list, you should create an offer and collect contact information.looking for. The content needs to be informative and helpful enough that your visitors can’t live without it. Or, at least think they can’t.

Your offer doesn’t need to be something you spend 6 months developing. It does, however, need to be something that leads will find valuable. In exchange for the offer, visitors will provide you their contact information including their email address.

And, just like that you’ve started building your email marketing list.

Include A Newsletter Sign Up Form

Another great way to build your email marketing list is by creating an email newsletter. On that shiny, brand new site, include the option to sign up for a newsletter.

This form doesn’t need to be over the top. You don’t need the visitor’s home address, where they went to high school, and their first born’s name. In fact, you only really need their email address.

Bonus: by only asking for the email address, you’ll take up way less space, so you can incorporate the newsletter sign up in a lot more places like blog posts, your home page, and as a pop-up.

Use Facebook’s CTA Button

If your business is on Facebook, then there is a great tool that can help you build up your email marketing list.

Use Facebook's CTA button to collect even more email addresses

At the top of your business page, there is a CTA button that you can change and customize to fit your needs. If you have a newsletter, then you can change this CTA to a Sign Up option that will collect the email addresses for you.

The CTA button is a really easy way to grow your list and engage with your Facebook audience.

Include Social Sharing Buttons

In the emails you send, you should include social sharing buttons that encourage your current subscribers and leads to share the emails with their friends and colleagues.

Use social media sharing buttons to help drive awareness.

This method only works if you already have some sort of email marketing list, but it’s a great way to build up a genuine email list. Because your customers already like your products or services, they’re the perfect advocates for you.

If they’re happy with the content you send in your emails and love your brand, then they won’t have any problems sharing the emails. However, you can’t just include buttons and assume that your subscribers and leads will share. It’s important to actually ask them to use the social sharing buttons and share the emails.

Send More Targeted Content

If you’re having trouble growing your email marketing list, then it might be because your content isn’t targeted enough. For companies targeting more than one audience or buyer persona, it’s important to send the right information to the right people.

Sending more targeted content in your email marketing will help you drive traffic and close sales.

Rather than sending one email with content trying to target each audience group, send out specific emails to individual audience groups. Doing this will help increase your engagement with the groups. Plus, when the people in the list notice that the content pertains directly to them, they’ll be more likely to share it and help you build your list up even more.

Email Marketing In A Nutshell

When it comes to email marketing, there are a lot of moving pieces that you have to remember. From growing your list to producing and creating the right content, it’s difficult to get it all right. And, you definitely want to get it all right.

If you’re ready to talk about your email marketing, increasing your inbound leads, and growing your business, Iconic is here to help you develop the right strategies and solutions.

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