Outsourced Lead Generation Companies: 10 Reasons You Should Check them Out

Outsourced Lead Generation Companies: 10 Reasons You Should Check them Out

qualified financial lead servicesIt’s obvious to see why most businesses or sales reps make the mistake of doing their own telemarketing instead of using outsourced lead generation companies. It seems like a fool-proof plan. Start a telemarketing campaign, grab the newbie employee, and force them to learn the business like your manager taught you. Sometimes, it even works (as long as efficiency, morale, revenue generation, and ROI are not taken into consideration when determining if something works).

It’s great at first with a big boost of energy, but soon enough you’re back to the starting point scrambling for help. Your employee lies and tells you they are having fun.  You’ll see marked improvement.  It’s great!  Until it isn’t anymore.  They will burn out.  They will get busy and the first thing to go will be the task they hate most: telemarketing.  Lead generation is probably the biggest reason companies, sales teams or individual sales reps succeed in today’s world.

Here are reasons you might want to use outsourced lead generation services:

The River Analogy. Think of your pipeline and sales volume as a river. A river only has flowing water in it because of lakes, streams, and small creeks that feed into it. These are your leads or lead sources. Where do they come from? Referral partners, channel partners, telemarketing, network groups, current clients, etc. If everything feeds into the river (Pipeline) then your good, but when you stop one to focus on the other, or one dries up, are you maximizing your opportunities? Outsourced telemarketing lead generation allows you to minimize the most time consuming lead generation task (telemarketing) and focus on the other things like networking that are virtually impossible to outsource.

Put your Business on Autopilot. Imagine waking up on Monday morning and opening your online calendar and having a week full of new opportunities. Sounds great right? Well that’s what happens when you outsource lead generation. Lead generation is on autopilot, allowing you to focus on closing business and focusing on revenue generation.

Leave it to the Experts.  When you use current staff members to perform your telemarketing, you are usually placing an inexperienced individual into a stressful and demoralizing position.  Sales managers call this “learning the ropes”.  Really what you are doing is crushing spirits and making your new employee question why they took the position.  The stress and irritation soon transfer to the call’s recipient who unconsciously sense’s their distress and rather than feeling confident about your product or service, they want to terminate the call quickly. Inexperienced staff, often working without a script or well-written guide, quickly becomes ineffective and even counterproductive.

Focus on what you do best. If you’re a dentist, work on teeth, if you’re Tiger Woods, dominate golf, if you’re an insurance agent, go sell policies! You took your current position as a sales rep to sell a product and make money; you became a business owner to be your own boss and make money now focus on that and work smarter not harder.

YOUR OFFICE ENVIRONMENT:  Your office environment is not the most conducive to conduct a successful telemarketing campaign. With co-workers around, you tend to feel self-conscious and censor yourself. By focusing on limiting social embarrassment, you stop listening to the call recipient and miss buying signals. Furthermore, the environment is distracting and unproductive.

CostSave your business money on overhead. Hiring and training telemarketing service representatives and management staff and installing the required telecommunications system and dialer equipment can be an expensive and daunting endeavor for a business. Lead Generation Services already have those resources in place and their employees are accustomed to learning new products/services, allowing for a quick turnaround.

Return on Investment: Most companies that supply leads or appointments tend to charge a pretty fair price associated with the amount of time it takes to generate a lead. By using a simple ROI Calculator you can quickly see how closing at a modest percentage will give you a huge bang for your buck. Work smarter not harder.

Brand Recognition: Use simple math and common sense. Having a company call on behalf of your company or your name to thousands of businesses and consumers daily only gets your name out there. Set up a good inbound marketing strategy and not only can you capitalize on the leads being directly generated you can watch your website traffic boom!

Activity Drives Results:  Sales tends to come down to one key factor, activity. A constant increase in activity drives results and changes lifestyles. The quickest way to the top might not be the easiest but the view is the greatest. Outsourcing a major part of your business will benefit you long term and get you to your life goals quicker.

Telemarketing Sucks! It’s hard, it’s time consuming, and it sucks! Not much more to say than that. Leave it to the professionals.

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