Tim Crump Achieves 300% ROI with Leads for Insurance Agents Service

Tim Crump Achieves 300% ROI with Leads for Insurance Agents Service

Small Business Marketing 14Congratulations to one of our favorite customers for an iconic April.

Tim Crump owns All American Insurance in Greenwood, IN.  Mr. Crump began working with Iconic late 2012 after being referred by another agent.  He began using our Exclusive Leads for Insurance Agents Service and has continued to see increase in his book of commercial insurance business.

In April, we were excited to hear that in a one month time frame, Tim was able to achieve an impressive 300% return on his investment with our company.  While we are used to seeing this type of success with our clients using our leads for insurance agents services, it always makes us feel good when we get those calls.

How to Achieve 300% ROI with Leads for Insurance Agents

Mr. Crump is a very good sales rep and has great experience in the commercial insurance field. His genuine care for his customers is appreciated and admired.  He generally has a long relationship with customers and does not see much attrition from year to year.  His focus is building his book of business and continuing to grow his firm.

One of the major issues with commercial insurance agents is the lack of time to manage your business, provide customer service, sell new business, AND continuously prospect.  Prospecting can eat up a tremendous amount of time and can lead to inefficiency.  Most agents and brokers want to spend time in front of customers maintaining relationships and forging new ones.

There is never an option to stop prospecting.  That would be a recipe for disaster.  Many times, agents and brokers resort to lead generation services that provide leads for insurance agents that are not well qualified, are not guaranteed, and are sent to numerous agents or are available for sale by numerous competitors.  Tim found a better way.

With Iconic, leads for insurance agents are different.  The client picks the industries and SIC codes.  A customer profile is created based on SIC codes, size of policies, and geography.  Qualifying standards are defined and finally, the number of leads that the client would like to run on a weekly basis is agreed upon.  Based on this criteria, Iconic professional telemarketers are able to find prospects and book appointments (via face to face, phone, or webinar) with the ideal prospect.

Once prospecting is taken care of, clients of Iconic can focus on using their sales skills to close business.  They have the optimum number of appointments every week.  They are free to manage their business and their relationships.  Is it a magic bullet?  Of course not.  Agents still have to be able to sell.  A lead is a lead, not a sale.  But, should you have the skills to be able to close business effectively, this could be the opportunity to propel your business in a new direction.

Congratulations, Tim!  Enjoy the commission increase and thanks for sharing!

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