Introducing Iconic Brews – Win a Free Label Design

Introducing Iconic Brews – Win a Free Label Design

Are you a brewery with a great product looking to freshen up your image?free label design

Whether you are an established brewery or you are just starting off, the team at Iconic Digital Agency would love the chance to sample what you’ve got on tap so we can find our new favorite Indy brew!

We also realize that breweries in Indianapolis have stiff competition.

Help us find your brew by using the hashtag #iconicbrews. The brewery that wins over our hearts (and our tastebuds) will win a free beer label design from Iconic Digital.

Here’s how you can do just that in 3 easy steps!

free label design1. HASHTAG YOUR BREW: #iconicbrews

  • Snap a pic on Instagram or twitter and tag us @thisisYOURmove
  • We will be spending the next several weeks sampling.
  • We will be trying hashtagged brews at random, so the more often you use the hashtag #iconicbrews, the better your chances are!
  • Let us know if your brew can only be found in a certain place so we can check it out!free label design


  • Don’t worry, we aren’t particular to one type of beer. We love all sorts of brews. Ultimately, we are just looking for a great blend that is creative, unique, and super delicious.
  • If you have a brew that really needs a label, and you want us to give you some extra special attention, message us. We want to hear about your brewery and why you feel like your brews stand out!free label design


  • It could be a label design for the beer we sample or it could be a label you need for another brew. Whatever the case, we want to give you a beer label that has customer yanking your brew off the shelves of liquor stores all over label design

Ultimately, we want to use our abilities to help the brewers of Indianapolis grow. What are you waiting for? Tell us all about your amazing brews!

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