March Marketing Resources Roundup

March Marketing Resources Roundup

We’ve searched high and low all over the internet to find the most helpful marketing resources for you. In this Check out these marketing resources designed to step up your, you’ll find great tips on using Instagram, optimizing your site and choosing the perfect words to finish your content.

Instagram is for more than just posting photos.

When Instagram first rolled onto the scene a few years ago it was all about the user. It was about posting photos of what you were doing and who you were with. It was a way to share memories with your friends and family. Now, the game has completely changed.

While Instagram is still focused on sharing photos with followers, there so much more to it now. Business profiles. Boomerang. Instagram ads. Contests. Giveaways. There are constantly new solutions and ways to connect with your audience. Wishpond did an incredible job summing up some of these creative ways marketers can use Instagram.

Optimizing the right page comes down to user experience.

If you’re running a regular site optimization program (as you should) then you’re probably constantly check on how pages are performing. Which one is bringing in leads? Which page needs the most SEO help? Which one doesn’t need help at all? Knowing which page(s) to optimize can be extremely difficult. If you optimize the wrong one, it can end up hurting your site.

The pages you need to be optimizing are the high performing ones. Just because a page isn’t performing well doesn’t mean it deserves your attention. Instead, it means you need to figure out which pages are a priority. Digital Marketer has a few tips on what pages to ignore and how to identify and optimize high impact pages.

A huge part of content marketing comes down to picking the right words.

How many times have you started to write a blog post and gotten stuck on a single word? That one word that keeps taunting you. Staring you down and laughing because you can’t think of it. Maybe you settle for the first word that pops into your head. But, is that really the best option? Is that really going to be the best word to complete your post?

The words you choose for any content have a huge impact on your reader. The words can make your piece incredible or they can make your content flop. One of the most important things to consider when picking words is action. You want readers to take action. You want them to feel compelled to do something. Here are some great examples of action packed words for your content.

Getting some clarification on marketing types will help you develop your own marketing.

How often do you hear terms like content marketing or digital marketing thrown around? Do you fully understand them or do you just go along with whatever the person is saying? It can be difficult to stay on top of passing trends. But, not all types of marketing are trends.

Knowing certain types of marketing and marketing terms will not only help you develop your own marketing, but it will also help you understand what’s happening in marketing today. Check out this incredible infographic on Trending Types of Marketing for more information.

ABC. I 2 3. SEO?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if SEO was as simple as learning your ABCs or learning how to count to ten? There are so many things to keep in mind working on SEO for your site, how do you keep it all straight? And, once you think you have it figured out, best practices seem to change on you.

To help you with your SEO efforts, check out this infographic on SEO for Beginners. You’ll find great definitions of some of the most critical SEO pieces and you’ll find terms to research and learn how to use effectively on your site.

Are you ready to start putting the most cutting edge marketing practices to work? The team at Iconic Digital is ready to help you start dominating. Contact us today to get started!

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