May Marketing Resources

May Marketing Resources

Every month, we take it upon ourselves to search high and low for the best marketing resources we can share with you. Sometimes, these marketing resources are straight content and other times their infographics. Check out these great May marketing resourcesWe’ve even been known to share a video or two, but one thing never changes: they marketing resources we share are designed to give you insights into your own marketing.

Surviving the Social Web

It can be difficult for any business to navigate their way through the social web. When should you post? What do you do when someone is “trolling” your business? How should you act on social? With the digital landscape changing what seems like every day, it’s hard to keep up with what to do. Thankfully, Copyblogger has some social media survival tips for you to keep everything on track.

Local SEO

Search engine optimization goes way beyond what you’re doing on your website. For local companies, it’s important to understand how offline and organic activities impact your business’ SEO. It’s also crucial to understand that these two activities aren’t mutually exclusive. Instead, they come together to produce results. Checkout this post from MOZ about Modern Local SEO.

Social Media Contents

For many brands, a contest is a great way to get brand recognition, capture leads, and increase your social media followers. But, different social media channels have different rules for running a contest. It can be a little tricky to keep all of the rules and everything else straight. Wishpond created a Social Media Contest Rules template and guide to help you out. You’ll find best practices, tips, and everything else you’ll need to run a contest.

Social Media Listening Tools

How do you keep up with what’s happening on social media? Do you know when customers or other brand’s are talking about you? How do you interact with your followers? Social media listening tools help brands stay connected. Discover other great reasons to adopt social media listening tools.

Future Customer Service

No, we aren’t talking about the future as in flying cars and space travel. We’re talking about the future in terms of emerging technologies. As customers begin to adopt new technologies, brands will have to discover new tools and ways of communicating with their customers. Find out if you’re ready for the Future of Customer Service.

Did you know Iconic Digital also offers great marketing resources? Check out our Branding Infographic or take our Creative Design Quiz to find out if you’ve got design chops. Either way, you’re going to learn a thing or two. And, when you’re ready to launch a digital marketing strategy for your brand, our team of creative experts will be ready.

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