Why Your Small Business Marketing Plan Should Include Local Listings

Why Your Small Business Marketing Plan Should Include Local Listings

small-business-marketing-plan-local-listingsA small business marketing plan can make or break a company.It is time to start boosting your online presence. One of the top goals of marketing for your small business is to be found online. Let’s face it. Success online is built from reviews, likes, search engine rank, connections, etc. Local listings create an opportunity for your business’ name, address, and website to be noticed.

Never heard of a local listing? It is an item that is frequently overlooked by many marketing firms. Local listings are sort of like the internet version of the phone book. You can create local listings by placing your small business’ information on local listing sites… Yelp, Google, YP… you get the drift. The great thing about it is that most local listing sites are free. In other words, this strategy can be cheap and highly effective.

Citations will help your small business rank.

Using citations or listings could help your small business outrank competitors. Ever heard of ranking algorithms? Ranking algorithms are what search engines use to determine whether or not your company is showing up on the web. These algorithms also determine how much authority your business has online.By building out the number of local listings, your business can climb in the search engine rankings.

Assure people that you are who they think you are.

Local citations help build trust and certainty in the eyes of search engines. Having the same profile across all channels is very important for building authority with search engines. It is important that all of your profiles are consistent so that Google knows who you are. Inconsistent information such as multiple phone numbers or old domains can lead search engines to believe that your listings actually belong to different businesses. Also, put yourself in your customers shoes… they need to be able to reach you quickly and easily, so make sure your information is correct across all listings.

Let search engines and customers know that you belong.

Local listings will ensure that both search engines and customers know you belong to a certain community or location. Search engines base search results on location, so if someone closeby is looking for services that you offer, consistent local listings will help you rank higher in searches.

Need help with local listings to support your small business marketing plan?

Start getting found by building up your local listings. Dramatically improve your local search engine rankings. With new listing sites coming out practically every week, it might be hard to stay on top of things. That’s why Iconic Digital is here to help! Schedule a free consultation with us. We will determine the steps that need to be taken for your small business to be found online.

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