Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Business Card DesignIf you are going into business, one of the first things on your radar should be business cards. Maybe you are already in business, but your business cards make people yawn.

Your business card is a great opportunity to stand out of the crowd. Do you want your card to get lost in the shuffle after a networking event?

Go with exceptional design.

It is expensive to get specialized business cards done. If you don’t have the budget to move away from the standard 3.5 x 2 in., make your design really pop. Try to think outside the box and make your business card something that stands out visually.

Get something unique.

Maybe it’s a different size or a unique shape. Call your printer and see if they have any die cuts available that would work well for a business card. (Die cuts only add excessive expense when the printer also has to make the die. If you are using a die cut that already exists, you can save big.) Something as small as rounded corners or as drastic as a circular business card can really help people pick you from the pack.

Your business card design should still look like… a business card.

Imagine that. These days, people are adding all sorts of gizmos to their card… it’s neat, and it can certainly help you stick out of the stack. The problem is that it doesn’t tuck nicely into a wallet. Whatever you do with your business card, try hard to keep it wallet friendly. This way, someone can stash it away and whip it out when they realize they need your services.

Time to get your business card design printed.

Now that you know what a good business card looks like, where should you get them printed? If you have a tight budget and need small quantities, Vistaprint turns around some pretty polished, professional cards. If you are looking for even smaller quantities or you need something to hold you over, OfficeMax or Office Depot have some very cool business card templates that you can pop into your printer. Otherwise, you are going to want to go with a professional printer in your area. Just be sure that when you begin a dialogue with a printer, help them understand exactly what you want.

Do you have questions? We are happy to help in any way we can. Contact us or comment!

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