How to Create an Effective Ad Campaign

How to Create an Effective Ad Campaign

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You have something amazing to share with the world so what is the best way to share it?

A. Stand on top of a rooftop and scream to anyone who will listen about your new product or service.

B. Print out millions of flyers, rent a plane and then dump them on unsuspecting pedestrians.

C. Spam everyone on social media repeatedly throughout the day about how awesome your company is.

D. Create a strategic ad campaign that is crazy magnetic for your target audience.

If you answered A – Congratulations! You have a Herculean set of lungs but and you just annoyed a lot of people and/or got rotten fruit thrown at you.

If you answered B – Seriously? You have a lot of money to spare if you are printing millions of flyers and renting planes. Maybe you don’t even need to play this game. Hire Taylor Swift to be your spokeswoman.

If you answered C – You probably have a lot of time and don’t care if people unsubscribe to you as well as spread rumors about how “spammy” and annoying your company is.

If you answered D – High five! You are ready to keep reading this article to find out how to make it happen!

So what is an ad campaign anyway?

An ad campaign is a series of advertising messages that share a similar theme that is distributed through several channels of media. These campaigns inform people about your product or service, reinforce your brand, and consistently share the same message in different ways.

Now that you know what an ad campaign is let’s get into what makes an effective ad campaign.

Know your target audience.

When creating an effective ad campaign one of the worst things you can do is try to be “everything to everyone”. You will only succeed in being “nothing to no one”.

And that’s not cool.

Renting a plane full of flyers and then dumping a bunch of ads on everyone will be a waste of time and energy because not everyone will be your ideal customer.

Plus you could give some people some wicked paper cuts.

When you know who your target audience is,  you are at an advantage when creating your ad campaigns. You can use images, words, and phrases that truly resonate with your audience. They will be attracted to your campaigns and interested in what you have to offer. Thus saving your lungs a lot of hard work.

By knowing your target audience you can connect with them on a personal level. Individuals buy from businesses and people that they know, like and trust. When you speak in a language that your target audience can understand, they will be more receptive to your messaging.

An effective ad campaign delivers value.

When creating your ad campaigns make sure that you convey how your product or service will benefit your audience. How does your offering allow them to overcome their issues and deal with their pain points? Do you provide excellent design? Then make sure that your ads are superior in all aspects of design so your potential buyer will know they will receive the highest quality to benefit their needs.

If you offer copy writing services make sure that you communicate that in your ads…with no misspellings or grammatical errors of course.

Whatever service you provide or product you sell, make sure that you communicate what makes it the best choice for your ideal audience to spend their time or money on.

Build a consistent image.

Many brands fail to create consistency when developing their campaigns. When you are watching a film, it only takes a second to see a laptop with an apple with a bite out of it to know who created that computer.

Your company may not be as large as Apple but you can take a lesson from this $733 Billion business.

Stay consistent with your visual design, messaging and  images as you create each piece of your campaign. These ads will then go out on different media channels to reinforce your message to your audience. You want your audience to quickly recognize you wherever they find you.

Know where your audience is.

To maximize your efforts during your campaign, spend time researching where your target audience is hanging out. Find out what they are reading, what shows they are watching, what sites they like to visit and then meet them there.

Consider the way in which your target audience likes to receive their information. Do they enjoy reading blog posts? Would they rather listen to a podcast? Perhaps they love watching videos. If you can not only meet your audience where they are, but communicate in the type of medium they enjoy best, you are going to be more effective with sharing your message.

Don’t waste your time, money and effort by not researching where and how your audience likes to receive information.

Be smart with your budget.

Operative word here is “budget”. You need to spend money to make money. If you are losing thousands of dollars because you are unwilling to spend a fraction of that on advertising, is the savings really worth it?

First, take a look at carving out a budget for your marketing efforts so that they will be effective for your bottom line.

Next, pay attention to how you are spending your money. Think about the seasons in which people shop and allocate funds accordingly. Perhaps you sell beautiful vintage engagement rings. Take note of the times of year that most people tend to get engaged and increase your advertising efforts during those times of the year.

Don’t try and be something you are not.

People can smell a phony a mile away.

Probably ten miles these days.

When you are creating your ads make sure that you are accurately representing the problem that you can solve for your client.

The Dove: Real Beauty Sketches campaign was released in 2004 and resonated on a deep level with its target audience. The campaign was centered around women describing themselves to an artist and then someone else describing themselves to the same artist. The women then got to look at the finished drawings and see how different the two sketches were.  The sketches were meant to show how different women see themselves compared to the beauty others can see in them.

Dove doesn’t claim to get rid of all of your beauty woes but to help you have healthier skin and hair that will enhance your natural beauty.

Dove chose to be who they are and market to women who need their products with a message that resonates with their pain points.

Don’t be afraid to be different.

In February of 2010 Old Spice did something different than it had done in years past. They created the Man Your Man Could Smell Like Campaign which then went viral on YouTube garnering millions of views. They created a character that was the ideal man. A man that every man would want to smell like and every woman would want her man to smell like.

They took a smart, masculine yet funny angle for their videos. The campaign didn’t stop there as Old Spice created hundreds of videos to respond to questions that came from fans on social media.

Old Spice stepped out of the box with their campaign and also went the next mile to personally connect with their audience.

They not only created something different than what they had done before, they created something that stood out from their competitors.

Don’t be afraid to be different.

Here is an ad campaign that we ran around the holidays. We wanted it to be fun and continue to build brand awareness. We love to help business owners be iconic by helping them with their digital marketing needs. Iconic Facebook Ad large

As a company, it’s important to us to provide high-quality work while having fun. We don’t mind showing personality and humor in what we do and we wanted it to come through in these ads.

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We also wanted to keep our brand in front of our customers by creating several of these ads.

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We stayed consistent with our messaging and logo placement on the ad. Even though the images are different, the style and composition are similar in each ad.

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We targeted business owners who would resonate with the message of not settling for less but striving for something iconic.

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We believe that you are iconic and deserve marketing campaigns that are effective and helpful to your business. Check out our portfolio of design work or schedule a free 30 minute consultation to see how we can help you!

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