How to Optimize Your Business Blog

How to Optimize Your Business Blog

optimize blog postsIf you have created a business blog  to drive traffic to your website to generate leads you are on the right track with the start to your lead generation strategy! However, without optimizing your blog for search engines you will miss out on opportunities to generate more leads for your business.

If you are working on the WordPress platform installing the plugin Yoast is an easy way to quickly optimize your blog post. Yoast has a template to help you pick the best keywords, SEO friendly titles, and checkpoints to let you know if your optimization is fair or good.

Find a Keyword

One of the easiest ways to start writing a blog post is to start with a keyword that you want your website to rank high in Google for. You can either use the Google Keyword Planner or type into the Yoast “focus keyword” field to find the keyword that you want to write around.

Use Effective Headers

The effective use of headers does a few things for your blog post. It breaks up blocks of texts to make them easier to read, they help to organize thoughts into easy to digest sections and they play a part in optimizing your blog post. Headers provide a natural way for Google to decide what is most important on the page.

Call to Action

No blog post is complete without a call to action. Think about why you are writing your blog post. Is it to gain subscribers to your newsletter? To have them come to your contact page? Maybe you want them to check out a video you’ve created. Whatever you want your reader to do make sure that you let them know with a call to action (CTA) at the end of the blog post.

 Here’s our call to action (CTA)

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