Printing Advice – Small Business Marketing Tips

Printing Advice – Small Business Marketing Tips

Print Advice Small business marketing tipsWe have a few small business marketing tips up our sleeve. A few of them have to do with getting work done at the printer.

Ever gotten a job back… in the wrong color? Did something look completely different on the computer? Were you disappointed with the quality or clarity?

Mistakes at the printer are easy to avoid if you are vigilant.

Tip #1: Find a good printer.

This seems like a given, but good printers are so rare. A good printer has a solid graphics department that will help prep your graphics and give you a heads up when something might not look right. They will have a customer service department that will clarify size, folds, perforations, glue dots and more. They will send you electronic proofs and then hard copy proofs and dylux proofs. When you talk to a printer, think of it as an interview process. Be sure to ask them if they have ever had a situation in which a project didn’t go as planned. How did they handle it? PS: There are many small businesses still doing copies at Kinko’s. Don’t. It’s going to be way cheaper to go with a printer, even if that printer is an online printing company. Did we mention it’s also going to look way nicer?

Tip #2: Find a good designer.

Not all designers can do the print thing. Find a designer who has done quite a bit of print work before. They may even have some suggestions to help with Tip #1. A good designer will be able to help you avoid pitfalls like overprint. They will also be able to give you an idea of what color your project will turn out to be, since there can be some variation between the electronic and the print versions. Also, by hiring a designer, they will be able to discuss any artwork issues with the graphics department from the printer.

Tip #3: Stay involved.

Customers who are willing to ask questions and point out potential issues are the best kind. Does the electronic coloring look off to you? Say something. Ask for proofs from the designer as the project is developing. Between you, the designer and the printer, there is plenty of room for miscommunication. Be sure that you don’t leave the process to fate.

Tip #4: Don’t sacrifice quality for price… but don’t get hosed on price, either.

Different printers have different capabilities. For example, if you have a brochure with a die-cut, some printers will have the capabilities to do it in-house while others may send it out. Get a few quotes for your projects that have special features. That said, sometimes the extra cost is worth it if you know you won’t have a headache on your hands when the job comes back from the printer. Receiving 20,000 sheets of letterhead in the wrong color because of a paper change is stressful. It’s worth the few hundred extra to know that your job is going to be treated with respect.

We hope some of these small business marketing tips helped you. Do you still have questions? Iconic Digital Agency is happy to help.


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