Instagram Insanity: Tips For Getting Instagram Followers From An Indianapolis Marketing Firm

Instagram Insanity: Tips For Getting Instagram Followers From An Indianapolis Marketing Firm

Getting Instagram Followers For Small Businesses

Indianapolis marketing firm - Instagram tipsAs an Indianapolis marketing firm, Iconic Digital Marketing is thinking a lot about Instagram. Wondering about getting Instagram followers for small business? You’ve got a grasp on the basics of Instagram… but your list of followers is practically empty. Don’t worry, everyone has been there.

Here are some tips for finding and getting followers on Instagram…

1. Follow businesses you want to work with/for.

If you are a small business in Indianapolis, follow other small businesses you want to do work for or with. Are you a florist? Follow a local wedding planner or a wedding photographer. If they are Instagram-savvy, they will consider following you back, and suddenly, you have a new referral source.

2. Follow businesses you admire.

It’s key to keep a pulse on who is doing what on this social media platform. Not only can you stay up to date on social trends, but following larger competitors and businesses you admire can give you fresh ideas for how to leverage your Instagram. Also, take some time to follow some bigger brands that are dominating their industy… You know, ones that you could never hope would follow you back. These bigger brands are pouring millions into their social media accounts. Check out what they are doing and follow suit.

3. Follow a bunch of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

This may sound extreme… but it helps give you some clout in the Instagram community. If Instagrammers see you have a more than 12 followers, they are more likely to think that your account is worth following. If you are just getting started, this is a good way to gain followers fast. It will get your account off and running. Don’t forget… many of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers have friended/followed you for a reason. They are interested in what you do. Following them for a change won’t kill you.

4. Use some tools to find and follow some great local accounts.

If you are a local business trying to find other small businesses, don’t worry, there are plenty of tools available to you. One of our favorites is Iconosquare, which is a site that lets you manage your Instagram from a desktop. You can’t share media, but you can get some great stats on your posts and manage followers. You can also keep a pulse on trending hashtags and find new accounts to follow. Remember that following equals more followers. (If you are looking for accounts to follow, think about your favorite Indianapolis marketing firm, @iconicdigitalagency!)

5. Go to the same places your target market is going.

Here’s a fun trick. Turn on your locations. When you Instagram from a particular location, you can then click on that location and find posts that people have made from that same place. Follow those people, and per the laws of Instagram etiquette, you will start to get follows back. Be sure to think about this as you wander the city. Stop by places where your target market will be, and post from there. Tag the location and once again, follow people who are posting from that same place.

 Would you like social media marketing help from an Indianapolis marketing firm?

Are you thinking about using your social media marketing plan to get more business in the door? Iconic Digital Marketing can help you. We specialize in building solid inbound marketing campaigns that leverage social media accounts like Instagram to earn you more sales. Interested in learning more? Drop us a line.

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