Why Should You Blog For Your Business?

Why Should You Blog For Your Business?

why should you blog for your businessWhy should you blog for your business? A lot of business owners know they should blog. They view it like flossing their teeth… they should do it. They maybe even want to think that they actually do it as much as they should… but in reality, maybe they forget more than they like to admit.

We have our ideas about why blogs fall by the wayside. It takes time to write blogs. Maybe no one your business is much of a writer. Maybe you are sick and tired of thinking about maintaining content online. All of those are very common reasons to skip out on writing your post for the week.

Here’s the thing: Blogs are CRITICAL to your inbound marketing efforts. It isn’t about practicing your writing skills. You don’t need to be the next Edgar Allan Poe.  You DO need to be found online by customers who are looking for your products or services.

We decided to share with you the top three reasons that blogs are absolutely critical to your marketing strategy. Our theory: If business owners really knew just how essential blogging is, they wouldn’t let it fall by the wayside so easily.

Why Should You Blog For Your Business? Here are the top three reasons:

You will be buried in the search engine rankings.

On-page search engine optimization (SEO) is all well and good, but blogging is critical to your ongoing SEO efforts. Why should you blog for your business? Because major search engines view each post as a whole new page. If you are constantly adding pages to your site, search engines are constantly returning to crawl your content. You are viewed by both Google and your customers as a current source of information. If you drop the blog posts, your rankings will begin to drop off.

Your competitors are answering your customers’ questions. Are you?

You want to be seen as a great source of information… a thought leader in your industry. Blogging can help you position yourself this way. Take your customers’ questions and turn each one into a blog post. You can bet if you are getting them from customers, customers are asking those same questions to Google. Do you want to be the one giving the answer? Or do you want customers to get answers from your competitors?

Buyers do 2/3 of the buying process without you.

With so much information available online today, consumers don’t bother to connect with you until they are ready to hear prices. In other words, they do all of the research on their own. For the first two-thirds of the buying process, they are searching for information, reviews and details about you and your competitors. If you are blogging consistently, they are more likely to find you and more likely to see you as a good source of information.

What happens if you don’t blog for your business?

Nothing. You won’t be struck down by lightning or eaten by a pack of ravenous wolves… but you won’t be moving forward either, and in business, if you aren’t moving forward, you are getting left in the dust. It’s time to take blogging much more seriously. Blogging can be the perfect inbound solution for your business. Need some tips for your business’s blog? Iconic Digital Marketing is happy to sit down and talk with you about your strategy.

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