How To Use Pinterest For Social Media Marketing

How To Use Pinterest For Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for pinterestPinterest is relatively new in the social media marketing picture. Those who are on it are addicted, while nay-sayers stand by and puzzle. One thing can’t be denied: Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media networks.

Pinterest is not just for visual people anymore. It has quickly morphed into a great place for business connections… but only for users who know how to make the most of their pins. Here are six tips on how to boost your kickback from Pinterest in your social media marketing plan.

Use hashtags.

People think they are just for Twitter, but Pinterest supports them as well. If you are a cooking website posting a recipe for chocolate cake, try the hashtags #chocolate #cake #recipe. Pinterest’s search function will pull up your pin when users search any of those things. Using logical hashtags will help your pins get found.

Post pictures from your website or blog.

This seems like common sense, but some businesses are still uploading images directly from their office computers… and then they don’t bother to add a link that leads to anywhere. Don’t be that guy. If you post an image from your website, pinners can click on that image and they will be directed to the page on your site that contains that particular image. Don’t miss the opportunity to drive traffic.

Remember your audience.

What do pinners want? They don’t want to be bombarded with buy-now messages. They do want pretty pictures, great tips and awesome how-to’s. Give it to them. Pinners want to see your interests and your tastes. This is your chance to show your target market that you have class. If pinners think your boards have solid quality, your social media marketing efforts will have more credibility.

Post video.

Yep, you heard us. Videos can and should be added to your Pinterest boards wherever relevant. Remember that the videos don’t necessarily have to belong to your business. Are you a pet groomer? Share a great YouTube video you found about how to safely clip your dog’s nails. Remember the idea of inbound marketing here… giving customers what they want will help them build a relationship with your business.

Post product.

A huge number of Pinterest users are getting ideas for their next purchase. Chances are, if someone is putting together a board on home décor, they are (or soon will be) in the market for those items. Why wouldn’t you want your chevron throw pillows to be a contender for their next living room purchase? If your business is more abstract, find visually interesting ways to approach this… Let’s revisit our pet groomer for a moment. Selling grooming services is a little more difficult than selling cutesy pet sweaters that were handsewn on Etsy. If the groomer wants to promote their services, they could post a picture of a freshly-groomed cocker spaniel with a little flower behind his ear with a link back to their grooming deals page. Cute, likely to get shared and likely to drive traffic to your grooming deals page. Remember that people pinning that cocker spaniel may have (or want) a spaniel themselves.

Cross-promote. It’s the key to good social media marketing.

This one is pretty simple. Let users on your other social media sites know that you are on Pinterest. If they are already following you elsewhere, they want to hear your voice!

What do you think?

Is your business on Pinterest? How are you using it? Have you met with success? We want to hear from you!

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