Social Media Myths You Need To Ignore

Social Media Myths You Need To Ignore

Social media myths can destroy your social strategy.Social media will be the saving grace for your business. Once you jump on Facebook and Twitter, your customer base will be liking your posts and retweeting all of your tweets. You won’t be able to catch up to the notifications. And when you start posting pictures on Instagram, you’ll get all the doubleclicks.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Wouldn’t it be great is social media really was that easy? The truth is so much of what business owners know about social media is built around myths. We’re here to debunk these social media myths and set the story straight so you can get out there and start rocking those social channels.

1. Social media is a great way to get new business and attract new customers.

This is one of the biggest social media myths out there, and with a budget in hand for some sweet Facebook ads and promoted content on other social channels, sure, social media is a great way to close new deals. Unfortunately, it’s not the be all to end all in social media customer acquisition. BUT, it is a great way to stay connected with your current customers. Whether you sell products or services, your customers most likely want to connect with you. Your customers are also your biggest advocates, so they’ll likely react/respond to your posts on social channels and help grow your audience (which could eventually lead to that new business you were hoping for from social).

2. Negative feedback, reviews, and ratings should be ignored on all platforms.

This is just a huge no-no. The truth is, no one should be ignored on your social channels. If you get tons of reviews, then it can be difficult to keep up with. But, it goes a long way when you respond to feedback, both negative and positive. By responding to the negative feedback, you get a chance to tell your side of the story, set the record straight, and attempt to make the situation right. You could end up turning that negative around and creating a repeat customer.

3. Measuring social media won’t result in anything real.

Do your page likes mean anything? How about the impressions from a Facebook post? What about someone retweeting you on Twitter? These “results” may not really mean anything, but it all comes down to how you’re tracking and measuring what you’re doing. Sharing a link? Make sure you can track it. By tracking links you’ll see where someone clicked on it and the path they followed once they were on your site. This could be the perfect way to measure your social media efforts and prove that you’re driving real results.

4. You have to be on every single social media channel.

There’s no sugar-coating the truth behind social media myths: being on every channel is just a bad idea from the get-go. For one thing, you may not be able to keep up with every single channel out there. From producing content to keeping up with best practices, it can be a lot for anyone. What you need to do is identify the most important channels for you to be on. Are your customers using Facebook? Twitter? Reddit? Pinterest? Instagram? LinkedIn? Youtube? Figuring this out will help you keep up with content where content is needed.

5. All of my followers will see every single post and love them all.

We’ve got some bad news on this: social media channels use algorithms to help users see the most relevant content. For you, that means your followers may not see every single post. And that’s really okay. What it comes down to is making sure every piece of content you post is so incredible that when your followers DO see it they can’t help but react to it.

Social media isn’t about posting a link here and there or snapping a photo and sharing it. It’s about engaging with an audience- YOUR AUDIENCE. It’s about providing relevant content that your followers are looking for before they even know they’re looking for it. It isn’t always a numbers game. It’s an authenticity game. You need to be genuine and let your brand’s story shine through your posts.

It’s time to ditch the social media myths that are driving your current strategy. At Iconic Digital, we help our customers craft content marketing strategies that involve social media calendars (minus the social media myths). But, we know it’s not just about a keyword or hashtag. We get our designers and marketers together to create strategies that dominate the competition.

Are you ready leave the competition in your dust?

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