Why Successful Marketing Firms Use Hashtags In Social Media Posts

Why Successful Marketing Firms Use Hashtags In Social Media Posts

hashtagSuccessful marketing firms know all about the hashtags. When you start becoming more social online, you will quickly see if you have not already, the use of hashtags in social posts. Believe it or not, these characters are more than just icons. You can be found by simply placing a hashtag in front of your subjects, feelings, taglines, expressions, etc. After posting, sit back and let your posts be shared across the entire social cloud. Here are some reasons why you should implement hashtags in your next social calendar:

Hashtags allow your post to be a part of a much larger discussion. Post including hashtags receive two times the amount of engagement than those that do not. By engaging with hashtags, your post can be easily shared and followed by viewers.

Using hashtags in social media posts is a great way to enter trending conversations. Simply adding a designated trending hashtag has the power to gain publicity for your brand. Current trending hashtags show up on social channels; use these as a guideline when creating your posts so that you will show up on the trending feeds. It is almost like getting advertising space without paying for it!

It is a great way to categorize and analyze your social data. See if your hagtags are being copied in the social world. Also, with users’ attention spans becoming shorter, hashtags draw peoples’ attention to short and to-the-point ideas. This will influence them to keep reading.

Hashtags originated on Twitter, but they are quickly spreading. Socialistas are now using hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Google searches and just about everywhere else you can think of. If you’re not down with the hashtag, you will not be found.

There are limits to using hashtags in social media posts. Control yourself to only one or two hashtags. Posts including more than two have a 21% decrease in engagement rate. Try not to hashtag hijack others. Be creative and original. Also, keep your hashtags short and sweet.

Questions about the hashtag or any other confusing element of social media? Drop us a line!

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