4 Marketing Trends to Buck

4 Marketing Trends to Buck

Bell bottom jeans. Fuzzy boots. Backwards hats. Sparkles everywhere. Trends come and go. Sometimes, they come back around. The truth about Marketing trends can lead you down the wrong path as easily as the right path.marketing trends is that they never really change much. Small tactical changes may happen and technologies may shift, but the actual marketing never really changes. If you start searching for marketing help, you’ll probably end up coming across dozens of lists about current marketing trends. We caution you to take these trends with a grain of salt.

Chasing buzz doesn’t always result in a tangible, positive outcome.

All news is good news, right? Wrong. In fact bad news is just plain bad. When you chase down news and buzz about your brand, you open up the floodgates. Sure, you could end up with 80% great news and only 20% bad news, but that 20% could end up being your undoing. Instead of chasing every piece of buzz, allow it to come to you. When the news or buzz naturally comes your way, it looks so much better from an outside perspective. Not to mention, it’s usually good news or buzz when it’s natural.

Viral isn’t created on purpose. It’s created by chance.

With the launch of videos from brands like Dollar Shave Club, other brands have been trying to create their own version of viral videos and viral content. Who doesn’t love a good laugh? This viral content can be incredible for a brand, but when you set out to make viral content it often ends up being overdone and horrible. Instead, set out to produce amazing content. Put your heart and soul into it. If your brand’s personality is humourous, then make the content funny. If your brand’s tone is more serious, keep content serious. Creating an authentic experience for your target audience will pay off more than trying to create virality.

Focusing on yourself means you ignore your customers.

So many brands spend so much time talking about themselves and what they are doing, they end up alienating their customers. When you take to social media and only talk about your accomplishments, it might impress a few customers, but it also doesn’t give your customers anything to connect with. Instead, you need to be creating content for your customers. Don’t focus on yourself or your company too much. Focus on your customers and how you solve their problems. It’s about them, not you.

Marketing trends in and of themselves aren’t the be all to end all marketing solutions.

We’re getting a little meta with this one, but when you follow marketing trends just because they’re trending, you’re doing something wrong. Certain trends probably won’t fit your brand at all. In fact, they may be completely off basis for your brand. If you’re going to use a marketing trend, make sure it works for your brand and overall marketing strategy. The real key, though, is to market your brand and business the way it needs to be marketed. Sure, a trend may really help you out, but a trend may also hurt you. Strategy is the key to successful marketing.

The real challenge with marketing is developing a strategy that allows you to connect with your audience. That’s where the digital marketing team at Iconic comes in. We’ll help you develop the marketing strategy you need to connect with your audience and then our writers, marketers, and designers will craft the collateral you need to dominate the market.

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